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Finally, the revisions were done. The fall book season had arrived. Catch-22 was about to be launched. One day in Midtown, a young man named Sam Vaughan agreed to share a cab with another man who was traveling in roughly the same direction. In the backseat, the men fell into conversation. Vaughan said he worked as an editor at a publishing house. The other man did, too. His name was Bob Gottlieb. After a moment’s silence, Gottlieb turned to Vaughan and said, “Tell me about popular fiction. I really don’t understand it.”

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The Catch craze began. “Not since The Catcher in the Rye and Lord of the Flies has a novel been taken up by such a fervid and heterogeneous claque of admirers,” Newsweek announced in October 1962. “The book obviously inspires an evangelical fervor in those who admire it It has already swept the cocktail-party circuit where Catch-22 is the hottest topic going and Joe Heller himself is the hottest catch.”

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That autumn, Joseph and Shirley Heller “spent many an evening running from one bookstore in New York to another, putting Heller’s novel on display when no one was looking, or moving copies of Catch-22 from under the counter of numerous Doubledays and placing it on display while burying other best-selling books,” their friend Frederick Karl recalled. Heller’s delight in holding the physical book, spotting copies of it in stores, was unbounded. Early reviews clashed—Newsweek favorable, Time tepid—but the promotional campaign succeeded. The first printing sold out in 10 days. Nina Bourne readied a second and third printing, all before Christmas.

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Nina Bourne had worked hard on Catch-22. She saw herself as “the demented governess who believed the baby was her own.” Her conviction that the novel was a work of literary genius led her to stand up in the book’s first promotion meeting. With a tremor in her voice and tears in her eyes, she announced, “We have to print 7,500”—instead of the standard 5,000-copy first printing. No one argued. Bourne was not one to make a scene or issue demands. Since 1939 she had done her job quietly and efficiently. She said what she meant, and if she was willing to take a risk on this book, then the company would fall in behind her.

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Critical Essays Heller s Use of Satire Catch-22 is usually called a comic satirical novel, but the category may be too narrow Traditionally, literary satire involves�.

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By April 1963, the paperback had sold 1,100,000 copies of the 1,250,000 in print. By the end of the decade, Dell had taken the book through 30 printings. In sales as well as critical acclaim, Catch-22 had broken out of its literary trappings and its East Coast box to become a perennial American classic.