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After dinner walked up the Penrith road two miles, or more, and turning into a cornfield to the right, called Castle-rigg, saw a druid circle of large stones, 108 feet in diameter, the biggest not eight feet high, but most of them still erect: they are fifty in number [1].

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the Druids' Temple, a mile and a-half from Keswick.

It was amidst such scenes as these that the Druid sage warmed into piety the hardy tempers of the Britons, and employed the solemnity of nature to aid the sanctity of religion: for

Easy walk to an ancient stone circle

At the east end a grave, made of such other stones, in the very east point of the circle, and within it not a stone wanting, though some are removed out of their original situation.

The classification of stone circles.

He succeeded, and set the pile in a blaze.

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and detailed text. A few of the Irish townland names are wrongly-spelled.

and we shall do our best to publish them.

Nobody wants to undermine the stone, to get rid of the tradition: so our neighbours are like the Arabs at Petra, who have been shooting with sling, bow, and matchlock, for a thousand years, at the urn, where they are sure Pharaoh's treasure is,- in its niche in the rock temple.

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As to the first, there are, in most such circles, some smaller stones cropping out of the ground which some visitors will, and others will not, include among those of the circle.

Any resident who is sufficiently familiar with

Recumbent Stone Circles are one of the most definite proofs we have that Neolithic people were not only aware of the 18.6 year lunar cycle, but that they followed it closely. They demonstrate that the lunar cycle was considered an important part of the social complex in North-eastern Scotland c. 3,000 BC - 1,500 BC.

The girl was led into the circle, and placed in the midst, while the dedication proceeded.

3. Castlerigg Stone Circle near Keswick at Sunset

There are 38 free-standing stones in a circle 30 metres in diameter. At the eastern side of the circle is a rectangle of 10 standing stones. The tallest stone in the complex is 2.3 metres high.

We are even told that she was adorned with an oak garland, and held mistletoe in her hand.

9. Footbridge over Brockle Beck

It occupies a circular area three hundred and thirty-six feet in circumference, and one hundred and fourteen feet in diameter, surrounded by thirty-eight granite stones

The arch-druid meantime was procuring fire from two pieces of wood.

From these stones is seen the whole encircling country; Skiddaw and Blencathra to the north present their deep-chasmed and precipitous fronts; the Dodds, Wanthwaite Pikes, with the savage dale of Naddle, shut up the scene to the south; and to the west, the fells beyond Keswick rear their majestic and undulating summits to the clouds; whilst on the east, the dreary waste of Hutton Moor is over-topped by the blue summit of Cross Fell.