They have been described as"the world's best plumbing band."

She played professionally for a few yearsin the Shetland-based band Sølan, but in 2001 she starteda degree in ethnomusicology, and she is currently doing a PhD at theUniversity of Aberdeen.

They played jazzy acoustic celtic folk.

They've got over 16 years of experience, playing at weddings and events bothin the UK and abroad.

Gábor Batta plays accordion, bouzouki and percussion.

That includes one for button accordion with Derek Hickey (of De Dannan) astutor, one for piano accordion with Karen Tweed, and in May 2002 one willcome out for concertina, with Niall Vallely.

They play play "uncommon celticmusic", Breton and Irish.

He has playedin bands like Reel Union, De Dannan and The Boys of the Lough,he was the first accordion soloist on River Dance,and he has guested on loads of albums -- amongst others albums fromAly Bain, Carlos Nunez, Kepa Junkera, Mark Knopfler and Rod Stewart.

They play ceilidh with cajun and rock influences, and can playpop/rock covers as well.

In 1992 he won BBC Radio 2's Young Traditional Musician of the Year.

from Groningen, the Netherlands,with Macael on (amongst others) melodeon and Dieb on (amongst others)accordion,play Irish, Scottish and Dutch folk music.

They also play for Irish ceilidhs, but then as

According to the Ectophiles' Guide to Good Music,her type of music is "Enchanting, evocative/eclectic ethereal traditional and Celtic-influenced folk with an increasingly world flavour".

In a previous line-up,they also had Conor Keane on accordion.

Erik plays in various bands: in a duo with Tannahill Weaver Roy Gullane, in,which is the house band of the O'Ceallaigh's pub in Groningen, in,and in balfolk collective.

They can be heard on the soundtrack of the "Titanic" movie.

Stewart,Rod Stradling, Francisco Ulloa, Värttinä,John Whelan and John Williamsare involved with squeezeboxes of some kind(about half of them Celtic, on the Green Linnet label, the otherhalf non-Celtic on the Xenophile label).

Away from Toreth, Guto Dafis also is a story teller.

He has worked with jazz/world fusion group 'Scarp' and as a commissioned composer and soloist for the English National Opera, and he has played for Riverdance,and in UK based quartet Broderick.

Greg Ostermann plays Irish button accordion.

They play mostly traditional music, mainly from England, Ireland,Scotland and France, as well as some arrangements of renaissancemusic and compositions of their own.

Until 2007 she played in all-female Irish band.

columnist Ian Robb on English concertina,boast six versatile musicians, five fine singers, two brilliant joke tellers,two widely-sung songwriters, and the occasional Fiery Dragon.