Neonatal nurses are a vital part of the neonatal care team.

Being a nurse interests many people because it requires the study of the human body and many other great opportunities that nurses have in this career.

Being a geriatric nurse, you become a provider of care.

The desire to help and care for those in need is the attitude needed to become a nurse....

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Nurse practitioners are required to understand and practice the specific knowledge and skills of core values such as nurse caring, advocacy, holism and professionalism to assist the patients in their critical condition (Volp 2007a).

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Nursing shortages and high turnover have become a widespread issue, and the problem is of great concern to many countries around the world because of its effect upon the efficiency and productivity of health care systems (Al-Aameri, 2000).

A career in nursing is essential because there will always be people in medical need.

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Even though nurses do not have complete autonomy in decision-making and practice, Nursing should be considered a profession because it requires an extended education and has a theoretical body of knowledge.

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The ACEN follows the same principles and procedures as does the CCNE so we won’t repeat them here. The organization accredits about 200 new nursing programs per year and monitors 1300 programs per year. However being the oldest accreditation program of the two, it offers a bit more than the CCNE. While the CCNE seemingly places most of its focus on enforcing standards for nursing institutions, the ACEN integrates the same educational standards with unique student provisions.

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I will attempt to explain my personal journey and experience thus far including how and why I got here, my beliefs about nursing and related values, and my visions for the future.

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It has been shown that a nurse’s level of education can become a major factor to the safety and quality of care of their patients because of this there has been an increase in studies over the years that directly examine patient outcomes...

With such a huge increase in information, it is crucial that nurses constantly update their skills.

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In order to bring significant changes in the health status of people and promote positive health in the society, I have chosen nursing as a career where I can spread good health through love, care, and support.

Some of those nurses may take care and clean up babies that have just been born....

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The nursing profession remains committed to the care and nurturing of both healthy and ill people, individually, or in groups, or communities (Cherry & Jacob, 2008)....

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Nurses need to continue their education in order to be competent and understand new techniques in the health care field as they are always quickly changing....