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What happened was that the liver started out being strong enough to handle the chemo toxins. The body sent the toxins to the liver to be removed as it cleaned the blood. Which it is supposed to do. And the liver, as it was decently healthy, was able to remove them. However, the liver is not able to handle the overload of toxins that a round of chemotherapy puts into the body. At some point it can no longer effectively get rid of the chemotherapy toxins.
The kidneys also attempt to get rid of chemotherapy toxins, but they are not capable of detoxing nasty toxins like chemotherapy toxins, and become damaged by these toxins. Some chemotherapies do cause renal failure. Too much chemotherapy can kill you faster than the cancer would.

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Chemotherapies cause harm to the healthy cells in your body as well as cancerous cells. One area of research in the development of chemotherapy drugs lies in the attempt to focus the chemotherapy action on cancer cells and to avoid damaging healthy cells. Most of the time, currently, chemotherapy drugs cause much harm to healthy cells as they kill the cancer cells.

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If you are getting chemotherapy, you can reduce or prevent many of these side effects by supporting your liver and kidneys. Primarily the liver. Many people often experience that the first round of two of chemotherapy was a breeze. No bad problems. But as chemotherapy continues, the nausea, vomiting, hair loss, fatigue and illness develop.

Cancer chemotherapy medlineplusThe primary nih organization for research on cancer chemotherapy is the national cancer institute.

But like other treatments, it often causes side effects

When getting chemotherapy, you should always give the liver extra support with herbal formulas if possible. Like Immune Force. And by getting those organic coffee enemas. If you do so, the side effects from the chemotherapy drugs will be much less, and they will be much less likely to take on a course leading to death by chemo poisoning.

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The first story this author heard was from a woman whose husband had a large, aggressively growing tumor in his stomach. Colon cancer spread to the stomach. He was being given some palliative chemotherapy not expected to do anything. A month after he started using BLA at a low dose that would not reduce tumor size quickly, he had another scan. The tumor was gone.

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Anyway, apparently is what all the breast cancer ladies hope for. This means that my cancer cells are more likely to grow and divide… Stick with me here, it gets better. Between 15 and 25 out of every 100 women with breast cancer have HER2 positive cancers. It doesn’t sound like good news, but Trastuzumab (Herceptin) is a wonder drug that will reduce the risk of the cancer coming back. See the slight bonus there? As usual, the good comes with the bad and I will most likely have to have a stingy injection in my thigh, every three weeks for a year… A whole year! *sobs*

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The goal of chemotherapy is to control the cancer in your pet and to prolong survival while maintaining a good quality of life for the pet.

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What if you could dramatically speed up the ability of the chemotherapy you are taking to knock out your cancer? While at the same time reduce the effects the chemotherapy has on your healthy cells? And reducing the amount of chemotherapy you may need because the cancer is being eliminated fast. From what we have seen, this may be possible with the elixirs that will be covered below.