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Terra Nova became the province’s first national park in 1957. Today, outdoors enthusiasts from around the world visit for the stunning scenery and recreational options. Interpretive programs and ecological exhibits are available for summer visitors.

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The temperature isn’t the only extreme thing in Canada’s Arctic. At Ivvavik National Park, it stays dark for a whole month during the winter, and in the summer, there are two months of 24-hour sunlight. To learn more about Ivvavik National Park’s climate, wildlife, geology and vegetation, follow this .

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Canada's national parks are protected areas established under federal legislation to preserve Canada's natural heritage. Canadians live in a land rich in natural beauty, from great northern landscapes and huge swaths of boreal forest, to temperate rainforests and prairie grasslands.

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Two main campgrounds and primitive backcountry camping offer a variety of camping in Terra Nova National Park. Electrical sites are available and reservations for all camping options can be made online. For more travel and camping information visit, Parks Canada’s website.

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From lakes and rivers to mountains, trails and parks, this tiny state is home to some of the best areas in the country for outdoor recreation. With 52 state parks all over the state, there’s something for every interest and the variety is reflected in the culture of some of Vermont’s best-known adventure towns. Here, readers pick some of their favorite places to hike, swim, paddle, spend a weekend or just relax.

Remnant urban forests are often popular sites for recreational activities such as hiking, biking and motorised recreation. This can result in the formation of extensive trail networks, fragmenting vegetation into patches separated by modified edge effects and ultimately contributing to the degradation of the ecosystem as a whole.

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Many secrets lie beneath the waters at Fathom Five National Marine Park. Over 20 shipwrecks can be explored amongst ancient underwater trees. These trees are still rooted to the bottom of the lake after waters levels rose thousands of years ago. To find out how to explore Fathom Five National Marine Park’s underwater treasures, click !

John Muir (/ m jʊər /; April 21, 1838 – December 24, 1914) also known as "John of the Mountains" and "Father of the National Parks", was an influential Scottish-American: 42 naturalist, author, environmental philosopher, glaciologist and early advocate for the preservation of wilderness in the United States.

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You can spy on the prairie dogs and plains bison at Grasslands National Park. Parks Canada helped reintroduce plains bison after they had been gone from the area for nearly 120 years. Today, there are over 300 bison in the park – see if you can catch a glimpse of them at:

In this top ten, we take a look at some of Canada's national parks and explore what makes them extra special.

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