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Since the filming of "Glory," there has been mentioned of the Negro soldier several times in documentaries, such example as "Buffalo Soldiers", Re-discovering America, narrated by David Hartman. All this has sparked a growing interest, which has brought a whole new group of re-enactors onto the playing field. Many have chosen to portray the Negro soldier of what is referred to as the Indian War period, the Buffalo Soldier. As I write, not more than a hundred and fifty miles away in southern Arizona, a movie about the Buffalo Soldier has just been filmed by Turner Productions. It stars Danny Glover and will probably be release later this year. I await, curiously, their interpretation. We, as re-enactors have to give Hollywood credit in TRYING to clean up, this past anachronism to their new movie making.

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With the release of the movie "Glory", made by Tri- Star Pictures in 1989, we saw the first real interest in the part that Negroes played in our Military history. But this did not start with the Buffalo Soldiers or even the American Civil War. It started much earlier.

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Then in late October a revenge-bent party of Kickapoos drew first blood from the Buffalo Soldiers. They ambushed and killed Corporal Emanuel Wright and Private E. T. Jones of D company, as they escorted the mail from Camp Hudson to Fort Stockton.

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By December a force of Kickapoos, Lipans, Mexicans and some white renegades, estimated at nine hundred strong, attacked the bivouac of Captain William Frohock and K Company at Fort Lancaster, some seventy-five miles (as the crow flies) east of Fort Stockton. This was the Buffalo Soldiers first opportunity to face their foes "toe to toe". It turned into a vicious three- hour fight, leaving K Company in possession of the field. Their victory was twenty dead and a large number wounded. But they had also suffered, the loss of three herd guards. Privates Andrew Trimble, William Sharpe and Eli Boyer were taken by surprise, roped and dragged away. Now missing and presumed dead. But this fight proved the virtues of hard work, discipline and a sense of purpose. It showed the Ninth that they were combat effective, at least to the ones that fought that day.

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The Buffalo Soldiers wore the same uniforms as the rest of the U.S. Army of the same time period. The only difference was due to delivery times. New uniforms and equipment were delivered in the order of the regiment (IE: 1st Cavalry received the first shipments, then the 2nd, etc.) That meant that the 9th & 10th Cavalry received their uniforms and equipment after the other 8 regiments of Cavalry received theirs and the same with the 24th and 25th Infantry. This meant that it was usually about 4 years after an new uniform regulation came out before the 9th Cavalry, 10th Cavalry, 24th Infantry and 25th Infantry Regiments received their new equipment.

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The Tenth went on to fight in the Spanish - American War, participating in Teddy Roosevelt's famed charge up San Juan Hill. Then on to serve in the Philippine Insurrection. Many a young officer cut their teeth serving with the Buffalo Soldiers, some went on to become famous, like John J. "Black Jack" Pershing who served with the Tenth Cavalry as a young lieutenant. And the rest is history.

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Named by the Indians partly because of the Negro's dark and strange kinky hair was so similar to the buffalo, but most importantly it was a sign of respect. The Indians felt that like the mighty buffalo, the Buffalo Soldiers fought ferociously to the end. Their motto became "Ready and Forward."