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Hi there, loved your post, very informative! I have a question. Me & my chi are travelling to Miami next week from Toronto, and I have been researching everywhere about the health certificate. A lot of websites state the certificate should be dated at least 10 days before you travel. I have a health certificate for my girl, signed and dated Nov. 1 2013 for a rabies shot she received in August 2013. I called my vet and they are going to charge me almost $100 to get an updated health certificate. I called the U.S. border patrol and he said the date doesn’t matter, as long as it’s been within the year of the shot. What do you think? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.

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When travelling across the Canada/U.S. border by land, air or sea/lake make sure you have:

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On the way back into Canada the agent asked if anyone else was in the vehicle. We said, “Just us and the two dogs!” She gave us a dirty look like we were being smart-mouthed and waved us through. It might have been because of the pouring rain that time – she probably didn’t want to leave her booth!

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Canada USA border crossing with a small dog is painless Breeding my Dog is a Canine Relationship Website for Dog Crossing. If You want to Cross Your Dog with Another, This Is The Site You Are Looking For!

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The one thing that makes dog travel scary for a host country is the fear of spreading rabies. That is why you will see so many nations still have quarantine laws. But it’s something that Canada and the USA still both have sadly. So the rules are rather straight forward and similar; in two words: rabies vaccine.

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Canada/USA border crossing with a small dog is painless. Making road trips or flying between the two a relatively easy task to undertake. Especially small “carry on” dogs like me! For this post we will focus on flying as an “example” but the rules are the same.

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It isn’t unpleasant but it does take a lot of time and it can be a little stressful in terms of making say … a connecting flight out of Toronto back to Ottawa. So keep that in mind when you book your flights. Still, Canada/USA border crossing with a small dog is painless.

Even for the US and Canada border? that is basic paperwork they should give you when you get your vaccines in the first place!

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I am so concerned. I am bring a puppy to Florida from canada. It seems the puppy has to be at least 4months to cross the border due to rabies shot. By this time I am worry he might be too big to carry on board. I want him on board with me, not underneath the plane. Does your pet needs to be four month to come from canada? He he come at eight weeks or 10 weeks??

More information for Canadian citizens crossing into the USA can be found on the Crossing U.S. Borders page at the web site of the .

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Sorry for the delay getting back to you. You can cross the border by car with meat – just not all meats. As for pet food – the CFIA regulates pet food imports and related products to prevent animal diseases from being introduced into Canada. You can import a small amount of commercially packaged pet food made in the United States for the use of your pet while you are in Canada. Most brands you can get in the US you can get at a pet store in Canada. For information on importing pet food or pet treats visit the .

The only country that shares a border with Canada is the United States

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When flying out from Ottawa Canada (Or Toronto) things are super simple we have a US border crossing INSIDE the Ottawa airport – very hand). The folks working there are lovely! We have had many a good laugh when they discover me – I even get a cuddle now and then.