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William Ayers was absolutely right to bomb empty buildings. To avoid being also guilty of the murder of millions of innocent people, it is categorically imperative according to the moral laws of every major philosophy and religion that every taxpayer must do everything possible to stop an unjust* war being fought with his/her taxes.

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Easy as it is to imagine the Confederacy made up of a solid group of Union-hating slave owners and their friends, the reality of the situation is much more complex. Jarrett Ruminski, a freelance writer, researcher, and consultant, investigates this reality in his dense, well-researched book The Limits of Loyalty: Ordinary People in Civil War Mississippi.

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To disregard the fact that he wrote a COMPLIMENTARY PIECE on Ayers’ book indicates and proves what people have been saying all along; Obama has Marxist views and is anti-American. Even his refusal to acknowledge patriotic symbols said that. It’s sad when people are given the keys to freedom throw them away based on misguided loyalty. When this nation ends up looking like a third world country, you Obama fans should be the last ones to openly ask, “What happened?” A candidates character is of extreme importance! Those responsible for the freedom we have enjoyed (in some fashion) for the past 200 years understood that:

The everyday events in Nicole Dieker’s The Biographies of Ordinary People, Vol
In Citizen Science: How Ordinary People are Changing the Face of Discovery (The Overlook Press: New York, NY, 2016), Caren Cooper begins by listing the enormous problems we face that scientists alone are not able to solve: “…overpopulation, climate change, emerging diseases, deforestation, mountaintop removal, great garbage …

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People of the Book by Gerladine Brooks

Since Whewell’s time, and even before then, a model of citizen science where researchers lead projects that everyday people participate in has prevailed in meteorology, ornithology, entomology, astronomy, biochemistry, and microbiology. These six broad disciplinary cuts shape the first six chapters of Cooper’s book. Each chapter offers examples of citizens contributing in fundamental ways to the success of numerous scientific research projects. Chapters on conservation biology, marine biology, geography, and public health begin to untangle more complicated and, to reveal my bias, more interesting forms of citizen science driven by indigenous knowledges and also grassroots efforts.

of the psychological burden of killing individual people with ..

While publications proliferate on the subject of citizen science, an introduction to inform and delight all readers has been conspicuously absent until Caren Cooper’s new book, Citizen Science: How Ordinary People Are Changing the Face of Discovery hit the shelves this spring. In the pages of Citizen Science we find compelling stories of citizen scientists who shape the field as we now know it. Cooper tells these stories not only as entertainment, although her prose and humour certainly keeps readers entertained, but, importantly, .