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Except a certain provincial captain who escorted the cattle, every officer and private man in this expedition, imitated the intrepid copy of their martial leader; but being too few in number, and withal, scanty of provisions, and having lost many men at a narrow pass, called Crow's Creek, where the path leads by the side of a river, below a dangerous steep mountain, -- they proceeded only a few miles, to a fine situated town called Nuquose; and then wisely retreated under cover of the night, toward Fort-Prince-George, and returned to Charles-town, in August 1760.

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Book of Mormon Difficulties, Contradictions and Explanations

While a significant portion of these errors (spelling and punctuation) can be easily overlooked as incidental to the copious process of transcribing dictation and manually setting print type in early 19th century America, an equally significant portion of the anomalous instances point to an obvious limited discipline of proper grammar (this is not referring to the appearances of Semitic inverted parallelisms in the text - discussed in a later section). While most Mormons will readily insist that Joseph Smith was an unschooled farm boy and that therein lies the miracle of it all, this assertion still doesn't solve the problem presented by the fact that the dictation process for the book of Mormon involved Joseph speaking aloud a series of words that appeared in the seer stone, the scribe writing the words down and reading the words back to him, and Joseph then pronouncing the words dictated (reportedly by divine revelation) to be "written".

Concerns of the historicity and origin of the Book of Mormon

He laughed, and said there was no credit to be given to the far-distant writers of those old books, because they might not have understood the language and customs of the people; but that those, whom our books reported to live on such nasty food, (if they did not deceive us) might have been forced to it for the want of better, to keep them from dying; or by the like occasion, they might have learned that ugly custom, and could not quit it when they were free from want, as the Choktah eat horse-flesh, though they have plenty of venison: however, it was very easy, he said, to know whether they were possessed of human reason, for if they were endued with shame to have a desire of covering their nakedness, he concluded them to be human.

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Recently (late 2015) there was an interesting search for the Cumorah cave in an area known as Miner's Hill. It's an interesting story and there are links to some great and supposed plates found in the cave. KC Kern. In a follow-up article, KC Kern said, "According to some sources, the cave we found was manually dug into the hill by Joseph Smith and/or his father in the early 1820s, and may have been the setting for some of the Book of Mormon’s pre-publication activities." Kc Kern.

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I received this morning your favor of the 9th instant, and lose no time in making a reply. The whole story about my having pronounced the Mormonite inscription to be "reformed Egyptian hieroglyphics" is perfectly false. Some years ago, a plain, and apparently simple-hearted farmer, called upon me with a note from Dr. Mitchell of our city, now deceased, requesting me to decypher, if possible, a paper, which the farmer would hand me, and which Dr. M. confessed he had been unable to understand. Upon examining the paper in question, I soon came to the conclusion that it was all a trick, perhaps a hoax. When I asked the person, who brought it, how he obtained the writing, he gave me, as far as I can now recollect, the following account: A "gold book," consisting of a number of plates of gold, fastened together in the shape of a book by wires of the same metal, had been dug up in the northern part of the state of New York, and along with the book an enormous pair of "gold spectacles"!.

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Sooner rather than later, history will reveal whether the apologetic reinvention of the Book of Mormon is a warrant for faith or merely another artifact of humanity’s irrepressible will to believe. Or perhaps a fresh, reinvented faith will emerge in the wake.

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While Joseph Smith declared that the Book of Mormon was "the keystone of our religion" and that the book contains a "fullness of the everlasting gospel", it is interesting to note that the doctrine presented in the Book of Mormon bears little resemblance to contemporary Mormonism. In an internet conversation, one individual jokingly stated that following the doctrine of the Book of Mormon would "make [you] a good Methodist". An investigation of the doctrinal postulates put forth in the Book of Mormon vs. the doctrinal claims of the modern, Utah-based LDS Church clearly indicates that there is a great disconnect between the two. Among the more notable differences are:

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Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon translator, effectively eviscerates the apologetic reinvention of the Jaredite/Amerisraelite story. Smith plainly taught that the Book of Mormon recounts the origin of modern Amerindians who anciently populated the Western Hemisphere.