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An Allen Park police officer stopped Griglen, who was black, after seeing him climb out of his car in the middle of the road. She wrote in a report that she thought he was upset; doctors later concluded he was having a diabetic episode, a sudden drop in blood sugar that relatives said could make him seem dazed or drunk.

10 Major Cities With The Largest Black Populations

10 percent), the “face” of black poverty has changed dramatically in recent decades.

The 10 cities where African-Americans are doing the …

In Denver, Colorado, three worthless, criminal blacks needed a little spending money. So they picked out a local pub called “Feros” to rob. Inside enjoying themselves and having no idea of their fate, were four Whites and a locally popular, middle-aged Asian woman who owned the place.

whites because most blacks live in cities

Many of the crime stories behind each photo above are unbelievably horrible (sometimes even children and entire families have been tortured to death by black sadists). Many of these White victims were also targeted and killed specifically because they were born White (what the race-baiting hypocrites continually accuse our race). But the traitorous, Jew-controlled liberal media won’t report on all that, nor go into much detail of such “hush” crimes, if at all possible. Media people even go away to special corporate training conferences and seminars on how to confuse matters from White audiences — using editorial tactics and tricks designed to hide from the general public how blacks are really like. They’ve been up to this for decades, actually.

Williams, “it would do nothing for the problems plaguing a large segment of the black community.

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Even before entering the front door, the blacks had already planned to eliminate any and all witnesses (haven’t these animals ever heard of ski masks?). Holding them at gunpoint, they proceeded to stab, slash and slit the throats of the hapless patrons and owner. The take? A measly $170. That’s $34 dollars for each life ended forever (photos above). Of course, being Negroes, they tried burning the place down to hide evidence. This is now a hallmark of black perps.

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Each of these White people had lives, friends, family and loved ones — just like you. They died painful, often incredibly brutal deaths at the hands of violent blacks and now rot in the ground with barely a whisper in the media — a scurrilous, left-wing media that has long worked hard to keep us White people in the dark to the real-life mortal dangers of this criminal, totally uncaring race.*

That view, through decades of constant repetition, has won the minds of many black Americans.


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Forbes magazine’s 2015 list of cities where African-Americans are doing the best economically

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The Cleveland-Elyria-Mentor, Ohio Metropolitan Statistical Area has dissimilarity scores of 73 for white-black, 52 for white-Hispanic, 38 for white-Asian, according to a study of 2010 Census data by professors John Logan and Brian Stults of Brown and Florida State University; and a score of 66.2 for overall dissimilarity, according to Business Insider's population-weighted index (scores over 60 show very high segregation).

Also controversial is the question of whether Black English and Standard English are on the path to convergence or increasing divergence.

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These criminal blacks murder us Whites all the time, often because we’re White. Then we have to see them portrayed as the big heroes all the time in movies, TV and even the GD commercials.