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Simon (1982), former United States Secretary of the Treasury* Walter Bedell Smith, former CIA Director* Nancy Soderberg (1995)* Helmut Sonnenfeldt (1974), former U.S.

John Mayall, Tears come rolling down

John Mayall, Kongo square, Forty Below Records)

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The three craft rituals have been extracted from the following masonicpublication:EMULATION RITUAL as demonstrated in the EMULATION LODGE OF IMPROVEMENTCompiled by and published with the approval of the Committee of the EmulationLodge of ImprovementA LEWIS (Masonic Publishers) Ltd.

Nick Moss Band, feat. Dennis Gruenling

Neo-Liberals Take the ForefrontAndrew Gavin MarshallIn 1971, Jimmy Carter, a somewhat obscure governor from Georgia had startedto have meetings with David Rockefeller.

Nick Moss Band, feat. Dennis Gruenling

The Gloaming, The pilgrim's song

Dollar, the Bilderberg plan forthe Global economy calls for something called Special Drawing Rights issuedby the International Monetary Fund (privately controlled by global elitists).

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This strategy guarantees the propagationof their own power and the enrichment of its members, often at the expenseof human rights and environmental concerns.

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Once that colossal amount of paper is bought, who will purchaseanother $5-trillion of Treasury paper over the next four-years, as theUS-government plunges deeper into insolvency."After the deliberate collapsing of the U.S.

Wentus Blues Band, Fortune blues

There have even been discussions among the global elitists aboutimplanting chips within the human population to aid in their command andcontrol over their global empire.

Laurie Morvan, Shake your tailfeather

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If you are trying to establish a workable coalition after thewar, the only safe place to do it is under the auspices of the apparatusof terror.'Shrewd SS leaders such as Otto Ohlendorf were already thinking ahead.

Chip Taylor, You just think you changed your mind

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As stated by Jesse Helms:"JohnBolton is the kind of man with whom I would want to stand at Armageddon"April 1st 2001: Milosevic is arrested (with not-a-little-help from AhthonyMonckton, chief MI6 officer in Serbia) - and is sent to face trial by theHague Tribunal - and dies of heartfailure there in March '06, the case againsthim not proven.

Gordie Tentrees & Jaxon Haldane

Gordie Tentrees & Jaxon Haldane

The International Monetary Fund elitists already have plans to print billionsof dollars worth of a global "super-currency" to address the economic crisisthey created in the first place.