Of major concern is binge drinking by ..

Binging is when you consume a large amount of something in a short time - especially food or alcohol. So, confession time, Dan! How many drinks did you have last night?

Information about teenage binge drinking

Dan And France drinks alcohol much more moderately than the UK, which tends to binge.
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Professor Majid Ezzati, Chair in Global Environmental Health at Imperial College London
So France has had some of the lowest obesity rates among western countries, French women especially. UK has had some of the highest ones. And alcohol in France, at least until now, has been consumed… it’s much more healthy patterns, and in the UK there has been a lot more binge drinking.

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I think we need a sugar tax and everybody should walk to work. Finally we had binge. To binge is to consume a large amount of something in a short space of time, especially something that you don't usually have. And these days we hear a lot about binge drinking, binge eating and binge watching. So, Dan, when did you last binge watch a series on TV?

Individual issues aside, binge drinking is known to ..
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