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Following the daily prayer, the Speaker calls the items of Routine Proceedings. This segment lasts about 45 minutes and covers eight items listed in the Order Paper.

Despite his bragging, Trump has signed just 94 bills into law.

When the MLA reads the Petition it is deemed to be received by the House.

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A new law goes into effect March 31, 2015 that protects consumers from surprise bills when services are performed by a non-participating (out-of-network) doctor at a participating hospital or ambulatory surgical center in your HMO or insurer's network or when a participating doctor refers an insured to a non-participating provider. The new law also protects all consumers from bills for emergency services.

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The following information explains what you need to know about these important new protections if: (1) you have coverage with an HMO or insurer subject to New York law; (2) you are uninsured or your employer or union provides self-insured coverage that is not subject to New York law; or (3) you are a health care provider.

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At this stage, a Minister may table an Annual Report. (These are reports of Government agencies and departments, which are required to be tabled by statute, by Rules of the House, or by Order of the House.) Copies of Annual Reports are provided to the critics and opposition party research offices. Reports can also be tabled intersessionally by filing with the Clerk's Office.

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Also at this stage, responses to Written Questions, Orders for Returns, or Return Addresses for Papers, which have been accepted by the Government or agreed to by the Assembly, are tabled, then printed or referred to in the Votes and Proceedings for that day.

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A Minister may make an announcement or statement of government policy under this heading. In addition, a spokesperson for each Recognized Opposition Party may comment briefly on the Minister's announcement or statement. The reply cannot exceed the time used by the Minister making the statement.

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Pursuant to Section 10248.5 of the Government Code, the information described in subdivision (a) of Section 10248 of the Government Code and made available on this Web site is within the public domain and the State of California retains no copyright or other proprietary interest in the information.

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If in the opinion of the Speaker, a petition conforms with all House practices, privileges and Rules, the MLA may present the Petition from his or her place in the House by reading the full text of the petition and the names of the first three Petitioners.

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When this item is called, the Chairperson or a Member of a Committee of the Assembly, may state that he or she "has the honour to present the (first or subsequent) report of the Committee". The Clerk unless instructed otherwise, reads the report. The MLA presenting the report then moves that the report be received. This motion is not debatable. The Committee report consists of a summary of Committee decisions and proceedings regarding the examination of either legislation or annual reports of Crown Corporations.