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This history plays a big part in the way the Burr of Hamilton speaks; a third of the show’s biblical references belong to him, because even though his parents died when he was two, their deep literacy and religious convictions towers over his memory.

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This is an obvious reference: Moses led the Hebrews from slavery in Egypt to the land of Canaan, but they had to fight to take it. (Technically Moses never entered the Promised Land; that was left to Joshua.) The hymn “,” written by British Seventh Day Baptist minister Samuel Stennett, is contemporary with Hamilton’s setting—it was first published in 1787—and became popular in 19th-century America thanks to camp meetings.

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So I investigated, and here are the results: 18 times Hamilton directly references the Bible or Christian theological concepts, with short explanations, for any fan of the soundtrack or the show. I’ve ordered them by the order in which the tracks appear on the album. (And I hope I didn’t miss any.)

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We know of a place called Atarot, indeed several such places (e.g. Num. 32:3), but this is the only Biblical reference to Atarim. Brown, Driver and Briggs’ lexicon suggests that it indicates a caravan route.

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There aren’t any direct biblical references in this song, in which Hamilton succumbs to temptation in the form of Maria Reynolds (and pays dearly for it later)—then again, there are quite a few echoes of the stories of “folly” in Proverbs 9, which Hamilton would have done well to heed. But it’s worth noting that it’s actually a prayer for deliverance from temptation, no matter how delicious.

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