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Representing Australia's sex industry, the Eros Foundation has approached church clergy on a number of occasions in the past with the aim of initiating dialogue on sex and censorship issues. From the Roman Catholic church there has been silence and arrogance on the issues. On the 11th October 1996, the Rev Mark Coleridge, a regular anti-sex campaigner in the church, wrote in reply to an Eros request by stating, ' In my capacity as Church spokesman, I have received many invitations but yours ranks among the more exotic. I am not sure what you have in mind when you suggest a debate, but I cannot imagine anything that would be of mutual benefit. I am afraid therefore that I shall have to decline.'

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Bishop Higi initially called the newspaper's reporting "a product of clever spins and a preconceived agenda." Later, though, he hired a sexual-abuse counseling expert to investigate allegations and acknowledged that the news reports "found me and my predecessors deficient."

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Prosecutor Carl Marlinga of Macomb County, in suburban Detroit, said that keeping the priests active let the church and clerics "benefit from the cover-up they've engaged in for so long." Cardinal Maida's spokesman said an internal review determined that the allegations weren't credible and that none of the four was working in Macomb County, so "it shouldn't be a concern to the Macomb County prosecutor." Two other priests, whose conduct had led to secret cash settlements, remained at work until this spring.

Function. Clergy houses are typically owned and maintained by a church, as a benefit to its clergy. The practice exists in many denominations because of the tendency of clergy to be transferred from one church to another at relatively frequent intervals.

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