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By describing the experiences of the mothers in her story (primarily Baby Suggs and Sethe) Morrison shows how slavery warped and shaped motherhood, and the relationships between mothers and children of the enslaved.

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of Beloved embodies three generations of slavery and is a symbol of the ghost ..

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By emphasizing its impact on African American characters such as Sethe, Paul D, and the community, this novel is written to recover African Americans’ past history of slavery.

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To render her novel a sense of historical reality, Morrison bases her story on two historical facts: newspaper clipping of a slave woman: Margaret Garner, and the "unspeakable" experience of African Americans during the Middle Passage.

The struggle of power between the native black people and the intruding white people is essential to the setting of the story.

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1850: Compromise of 1850
The annexation of Texas to the U.S. at the end of the Mexican-American War (1848) led to growing concern and outright hostility about the slavery status of new territories. The Compromise allowed for California to join the Union as a free state; the organization of Utah and New Mexico territories without reference to slavery (the populations would decide for themselves when they sought admission to the Union as states); the prohibition of the slave trade in Washington, DC; and, most important to the plot of Beloved, stricter fugitive slave laws. The Fugitive Slave Bill stated that captured runaways could be returned to their owners, regardless of where they were captured (North or South). Furthermore, in court, only masters could testify; enslaved peoples were symbolically voiceless.

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By that time slavery had been shattered by the Civil War, the Emancipation Proclamation and the succeeding constitutional amendments, though daily reality for the freed slaves continued to be a matter of perpetual struggle, not only with segregation and its attendant insults, but the curse of memory.

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This story depicts slavery in its cruelest and probably most realistic form. Sethe () manages to escape a life of slavery from a degrading slave master in Kentucky. She heads toward Ohio and toward freedom in the post-Civil War era. Having understood the horrors of slavery first hand, she fears that her children may be enslaved to a bitter similar fate. Unable to picture this destiny for her children, she kills one of them.

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In Beloved, Morrison extracts African folklore from history in order to enrich the authenticity of an account of the lives of ex-slaves during the late 19th century....

‘Beloved’ is based on a real life story of the ..

The highly esteemed novel Cry, the Beloved Country tells a story of Stephen Kumalo, a black priest dealing with the struggles of living in the South Africa during this time....