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Computers and Internet connections are becoming widely available in schools and classrooms. In 1999, 99 percent of teachers in the United States had access to a computer in their schools, and 84 percent had one or more computers in their classrooms. At the same time, Internet connections were also widespread, with 95 percent of schools and 63 percent of classrooms having access. Worldwide, many co…

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Behaviorism was a movement in psychology and philosophy that emphasized the ..

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Pupil transportation, also known as school busing, has become one of the most important segments of the American educational system. It is subject to the same rules one might find in the classroom, including the dictates of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 and a host of laws and rules governing disabled or special needs pupils. Pupil transportation is big business. The number of s…

What are the best critiques of behaviorism ..

Lanier: I’m optimistic for many reasons, one reason is that it’s dysfunctional not to be. If you look at history, people have been through horrible things in the past, including very confusing things. The world has seen horrifying mass phenomenon. Somehow, we seem to be able to find our way through, and I do believe in an arc of history. I believe that as technology improves, it gives us more opportunities to learn to be decent. I think in the big picture, I am optimistic.

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It is common for modern Aristotelians, who otherwise have a high viewof Aristotle's relevance to modern philosophy, to treat this argumentas being of purely historical interest, and not essential toAristotle's system as a whole. They emphasize that he was not a‘Cartesian’ dualist, because the intellect is an aspect ofthe soul and the soul is the form of the body, not a separatesubstance. Kenny (1989) argues that Aristotle's theory of mind as formgives him an account similar to Ryle (1949), for it makes the soulequivalent to the dispositions possessed by a living body. This‘anti-Cartesian’ approach to Aristotle arguably ignoresthe fact that, for Aristotle, the form is the substance.

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Lanier: It’s all in the details. Using a technology a lot is not necessarily a bad thing, people use books a lot too. The mere use of it is not bad. When we talk about addiction, we should make it specific, and in the case of behavioral addiction, it’s really a noisy feedback loop. I do believe that these noisy feedback loops are dysfunctional, and they should not exist.

Behaviorism was the doctrine that it was unscientific for a psychologist to ..

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Historically, university researchers have collaborated with industrial scientists on marketable projects. News coverage at the turn of the twenty-first century might lead one to believe that this is a current phenomenon. However, science historians have traced collaborations between European companies and university researchers back to the 1800s. In the United States, university-industry research …

Contrasted with behaviorism, functionalism retains the traditional idea that mental states are ..

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The superintendent of schools is a position of wide influence but one that is narrowly understood. This, in part, stems from its history. Rarely has a position of such centrality grown in such a tangled way. Consequently, there has not been much written or studied about the superintendency, and to this day, not much is known about how it functions and why some people do it well and others do not. …

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A persistent debate that the United States has struggled with since its early history is the role of the federal government in the education of its citizenry. Much of this debate has played out in battles over the existence of a national government entity focused on education, such as the U.S. Department of Education. The divisive issue of the federal role in education stems from an ambiguous char…