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Set to high energy music, you’ll learn boxing techniques through a series of authentic routines that are mixed in with burpees, squats, lunges, and push-ups.

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This guide discusses proper technique and uses of the most valuable punch in boxing..

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Another spin you can put on this interval-type of training is to incorporate short plyometric drills or body movement exercises at specific points during the run. These can include a series of burpees, squat jumps, pull ups on a tree limb, push-ups...virtually any exercise that requires an increased pace, a new demand on the system and added intensity. Boxing is unpredictable so even long distance roadwork should be approached with that in mind.

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Unlike most roadwork routines, boxing confrontations seldom happen along one plane of engagement. You are typically moving in a side-to-side fashion as much, if not more often, than you are moving forward or backwards. In order to replicate that into your running routine you can simply incorporate a shuffle step, both on the right and left sides. This requires more effort from the hip flexors and inner thigh muscles than just your ordinary forward motion run will, but will condition you to be quicker and more adept at lateral movement. You can use better side-to-side movement to throw your opponent off, punch from constantly changing angles and create openings that don't always happen from attacking from the same position.

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Learn the basics for boxing focus mitt workouts. You'll discover the benefits of mitt workouts and how to get started with instructional videos.

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This program teaches boxing basics. Participats will learn proper punching techniques and foot work. This class i a non contact class.

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Intermediate: You get a real boxing experience — minus the black eye – as you gain skill and confidence in the basics classes, you may want to move up to this class.

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