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2. Grades, grades are the most important. At the high school and college level for a coach the worst thing that can happen is the teams ace pitcher goes on academic probation mid-season. So they want someone who excels in school and gets good grades. Also, if you don't get the scholarship then you can still go to a good college and be a walk-on for the baseball team. Without good grades you go to JUCO and work your way up to a 4 year college or university. University of Maryland wanted me but couldn't give the scholarship so I went to get enrolled... but wouldn't let me in because of my grades. I went to Anne Arundle Community College instead and all the guys from my fellow All-Star seniors from the year prior were there.

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Depend on your education as the first thing to succeed. Baseball is second. Take instruction well, be sociable, learn as much as you can, work on as much as you can with total concentration. Again, leave it on the field. Leave outside issues outside. Get involved in area tryouts, camps, and leagues. Play as much as you can to gain experience and not rewards. Most important, believe and have confidence in yourself when you are performing. Get into the zone, relax, and have fun. This game will become very frustrating if one lets it. Errors will be made, corrections will be needed, and success will be celebrated.

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Adam, I'll be honest with you. If you're a junior and topping out at 80 on a good day, you're not going to be highly recruited, not to a top-level baseball school, even from the left side.

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I run into this question very often in working with elite high school players with Woodall Training Baseball Academy. I just wrote an article for a local magazine (Madison, WI) about college recruiting from an athlete's perspective. This covers some of the strategies that you can use to get a college coach or program to know that you are out there and interested in their school. The magazine is not even out yet but I have the link on our website at

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Your junor year is a critical year to get your name out there. Are there any showcases in your area? If so see if you can get a reccomendation from your HS coach and attend one or more. Realistically,what level do you think your are capable of playing? I.E. Div I,II,III or JUCO. Also please remember that you real reason for going to college is to get an education so if you know what you want to do you are somewhat ahead of the program. There are lots of great schools with great baseball programs. What posistion(s) do you think you would play. Tell me more and I will try to help.

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Then the boys celebrate just how good they are at baseball in “O’Brien to Ryan to Goldberg,” an infectious tune in which they reminisce about some of their wildest games as they act out those crazy plays. They also reveal that Goldberg first learned how to bat by hitting a tomato with a violin.