"I am a baby boomer, born in 1955.

To look out for each other, they strung an intercom system between each home so each mother could hear the crying from the other house.

Suburbs like Levittown were the cradle for a generation of baby boomers, and became the model for the middle-class bedroom community.

In 1958, Levitt crossed the Delaware River and set up his third Levittown, this time an 11,000-house project in Willingboro, N.J.

The Babyboomers in Sheer Numbers a.

But did the baby boomers also leave behind a negative, even destructive legacy?

And in the 21st century, the earliest Baby Boomers are retiring.

Pinky Lee was an early lesson to Baby Boomers that even the mighty can fall.

TV Exposes Young Baby Boomers to Grim, Haunting Images of Hell.
Andy's Gang, an early 1950's kid's show, may have been a horrific glimpse through the dark portals of the very depths of Hell itself.

The star of the show was a demonic hand-puppet named , conjured up by host, Andy Devine, with the strangely suggestive chant, "Plunk your magic twanger, Froggy"

Revenge of the Jedi
Froggy, frozen-featured and lurching, exhibited the Jedi-Master ability to force his victims to do things (embarrassing things, humiliating things, awful things) against their will.

Baby Boomers Beware: Financial Fraud That Targets …

His raspy, gutteral voice, repeating the phrase "you will, you will," was the stuff of nightmares.

Echoes of Timothy Leary: Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out...
Some journalists have even suggested that Froggy's exhortations planted seeds of rebellion into the adolescent collective consciousness of a Baby Boomer generation that would later turn-on to drugs, tune-in to counter-culture and drop-out of society.

That may be a stretch but there is something evil and twisted here.

(Mike Moffatt) The effects of the Baby Boom are still moving through our society.

What is the Baby Boom generation

As they grew older, some baby boomers began to resist this consumerist suburban ethos. They began to fight instead for social, economic and political equality and justice for many disadvantaged groups: African-Americans, young people, women, gays and lesbians, American Indians and Hispanics, for example. Student activists took over college campuses, organized massive demonstrations against the war in Vietnam and occupied parks and other public places. Young people also participated in the wave of uprisings that shook American cities from Newark to Los Angeles in the 1960s.

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Today, the oldest baby boomers are already in their 60s. By 2030, about one in five Americans will be older than 65, and some experts believe that the aging of the population will place a strain on social welfare systems.

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Somebody Help Me!

September 20, 1955 -- A Generational Apocalyptic Moment.
That was the day Baby Boomers learned that sometimes bad things happen to good people.

Pinky Lee -- the frenetic, atomic-powered host of a popular children's show -- had a heart attack and died an agonizing death on live television.

I'm a baby-boomer and while I will admit to being responsible, I refuse to feel guilty.

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But their fondness for conspicuous consumption and foreign travel has led to many a modern-day ill, from rising debt to environmental woes.This week, former US President Bill Clinton - perhaps the archetypal baby boomer - turns 60.

This collection contains some of the best Baby Boomer Jokes, ..

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In the United States, the term Baby Boomers commonly applied to people with birth years after World War II and before the Vietnam War.

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A large part of the cause of the Baby Boom was an after effect of World War II where the bombed out cities and fractured economies increased the needs for goods and services in unprecedented peacetime amounts.