Defending Australia: a history of Australia’s defence white papers

The Australian Defence Force Warfare Centre is part of a broader joint education and training environment that values the lessons and experiences of the past yet at the same time has the courage and the spirit to apply personal expertiseand opinion to those lessons and experience. The ADFWC encourages staff and students to question traditional thought, blend individual service professionalism into the joint environment, innovate new ideas, search the world for the ideas of others and to test ideas and concepts against our emerging environment. The ADFWC aims to maximise the learning and training experiencefor everyone influenced by ADFWC activities.

a history of Australia’s defence white papers

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The Australian Defence Force Warfare Centre (ADFWC) is a tri-Service unit within Joint Education, Training and Warfare Command (JETWC) and the Vice Chief of Defence Force (VCDF) Group. The ADFWC is located at RAAF Base Williamtown, approximately 30 kilometers north of Newcastle, in New South Wales, Australia.

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The Joint Doctrine Centre consults the Australian Defence Headquarters, Service Offices, Headquarters Joint Operations Command, environmental headquarters, Defence agencies and publication sponsors to facilitate contributions to the ongoing development and refinement of ADF joint and combined doctrine.

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The Joint Doctrine Centre is responsible for researching, developing and publishing strategic and operational level, joint and combined warfare doctrine for the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

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