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The most basic recommendation was that intersexed infants should be assigned a gender that is not based on the appearance of the genitalia and chance of good cosmetic surgery, but on a specific diagnosis of the exact condition and the best prediction of the child’s future choice of identity. These new principles of management for intersex conditions also recommended that any cosmetic, non-medically-essential surgery should be postponed and that intersexed children and adolescents should be allowed to make their own decisions as to how they want to live and be treated. Other recommendations were that male infants who had a micropenis should be reared as boys, unless evidence for managing them otherwise was presented. This had been successful in the past [] and subsequently was found to be successful. The secrecy that most often was recommended to accompany genital surgery and sex reassignment was rejected. Honesty and information was to be provided and it also was recommended that, whenever possible, intersexed persons are put into contact with others who have the same condition. It also was recommended that the child and parents be given ongoing counseling.

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The fact that virtually no one is currently acknowledging, let alone addressing this issue makes it no less important as a key global cause of mortality, morbidity and inequality. Discussion and action are long overdue.

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While it is tempting to view the globally endemic problems of patriarchy and hegemonic masculinity in a resigned and fatalistic way, it is also important to acknowledge that they are —at least in principle— preventable. The previous Swedish government's Education Ministry established a Delegation on Gender Equality in Preschool which looked at the ways in which, from the very beginning of education and socialisation, children in preschool education face systematically gendered policies and practices, and which made recommendations to change this situation (unfortunately the report is not available in English). This provides a small example of how such issues can legitimately begin to be addressed through public policy. Given the nature of the global institutions whose practices help to sustain patriarchy —such as many of the world's major religions— I would not pretend that the task will be an easy one. Nonetheless, there is much to be said for adopting a public health perspective on these issues. If we can generate evidence and debate around the notion that patriarchy is a «preventable disease», this is a valid and a potentially useful way forward. Another helpful approach would be to build public pressure for a global commission on masculinities.

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Hence, the purpose of this essay is four-fold: (a) to synthesize theliterature on fathering, gender, and nontraditional family structures from acommunication perspective; (b) to theorize the construct of the stay-at-homefather; (c) to develop a model to understand a constitutive view of the tensionsof fathering discourses and gender discourses at both the societal andrelational levels; and (d) to privilege the standpoint of the stay-at-homefather as a valuable alternative model for 21st century families. This essay isa collaboration in which we theorize the concept from our own lived experienceof nontraditional gender roles, work, and caregiving responsibilities. Togetherwe explore the intersections of gender, work, family, and identity from thestandpoint of the stay-at-home father and question how society’s resistance tonontraditional gender roles is produced and reproduced in everyday life.

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First some concepts and definitions. Patriarchy is the systematic domination by men of women and of other men. Masculinities are the range of alternative ways (national, social, racial, sexual) in which male gender relations are expressed (for example, working class, Latin American and gay masculinities). Hegemonic masculinity is the form of masculinity which is culturally and politically dominant at a particular time and place. Health inequality refers to unfair or unjust differences in health determinants or outcomes within or between defined populations. Structural violence is suffering caused by public policies and institutions. Hegemony is a subtle and complex process whereby particular beliefs, values and ideologies are reinforced by those with political and cultural power such that they become perceived as both natural and inevitable, in the words of former UK prime minister Margaret Thatcher, speaking of market liberalism, «there is no alternative».