The influence that role models have over young people is tremendous.

In addition, there are several characteristics a role model should possess, such as: Moral, confidence, hardworking, respectful, optimistic and creative (Freddie, 2014).

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Barbie is a well known, long lasting company and overall a good role model to young girls....

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We often rely on these high profile athletes to be the models of good character and stewardship to our children. Why should we look to others to be a Christian influence for our youth when we are the ones being called by Christ to put his gospel on display in every situation, to every person we interact with?

Role models are people who are looked up to by others

LESSON: It’s one of the most common stereotypes in today’s sports culture; professional athletes must be role models for our youth and carry themselves in a particular way. Is this because of the money they make? Is it because of their influence and reach by being on television? Is it their socioeconomic impact through commercials and sponsorships?

There are different types of role models in society today, who play great social roles.

have been declared role models, ..

Self-confidence takes great mental skill, a good coach will understand how to help build their players to perform well and feel good about themselves, but it takes mental strength to overcome negative feedback and use it as motivation. With the help of a professional athlete in a growing athlete’s life, it gives them someone to look up to and build self-confidence, which is why athletes make good role models.

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I believe a hero is someone who is determined to do whats right no matter the cost, a hero is someone who is selfless in bad situations and a role model.

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Whether the daughter or son acknowledges it or not, parents are one of the child’s biggest role models and hold the more influence over decision making and what happens in their life....

Our society needs to think about the true role models and not the bad examples.

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Some people would agree with the statement that Peter isn’t a good role model for Christians today for the reason that Peter promised that he wouldn’t deny Jesus when Jesus predicted his denial....

Role models help youth to discover how they wish to become in the future.

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Self-confidence gives an individual or a team the motivation to attempt and accomplish the impossible. If an athlete lacks self-confidence, they seem to bring themselves down along with their teammates as negative energy. This can kill the enjoyment of a sport, the motivation of an athlete or team and result in a low performance.

When a football player runs onto the field surrounded by thousands of screaming fans, he/she cannot show any lack of confidence, but rather use the positive energy from the fans to turn into pure confidence going into a game. When young children watch their idols on T.V run onto the field, or glide onto the ice, they look up to them and mimic them by showing off their own confidence. There’s no question that self-confidence plays a key role in how one performs, and without it, an athlete can crumble at the seams.

In today society there are enough negative role models for children to choose from.

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Although some people allow their children to idolize Britney Spears, I now see that she is an inappropriate role model for her targeted audience of five to thirteen-year-olds....