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This seems to function as an extension of crossroads disposal, as for instance when left-over powders from abreak-up spell are thrown at nine consecutive crossroads thatlead to a cemetery and the remainder is thrown against a grave stonewhile you curse the intended victims' names.

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If you have completely finished working with a givenassortment of harming supplies and do not want them on yourproperty at all, you may remove any left-over materialsthrough disposal in a crossroads or at a cemetery.

Start at a crossroads near to where the personyou are tricking lives and throw out the first packet.

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Note that when you break the mirror you should be careful toavoid flying glass and also note that this form of disposalshould be done at a place where you will not get caughtdoing it, as you are creating a bit of a broken glass hazardin the middle of the crossroads.

(CTP) is southern Colorado’s largest evidence-based alcohol and substance use disorder treatment organization with services in twelve counties.

Services provide opportunities for all ages

Because the egg contains all the negativeinfluences that were removed from the subject of the spell,it should not be buried in the front yard; breaking it at acrossroads allows the bad forces to dissipate harmlesslyamong passing strangers.