My friend reframed my perspective for me and this ..

I am sure that if I showed signs of dtemneia hubby would think nothing of it. I have always been forgetful and getting lost on a known route is nothing new for me. I had rather lose mobility than lose my mind, but if I lost my mind would I know? Poppy

My friend reframed my perspective for me and this is what ..

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The channeled entity that told me about that once-in-a-lifetime event that I unexpectedly had later that same day also told me that I was in a position of responsibility when Atlantis melted down, and that I have spent nearly every lifetime since then performing a spiritual penance to balance my karma. When I was told that, I immediately had the vague sense that I was female in that lifetime. In performing the study for this site’s material, particularly , I have been digesting a great deal of anthropology, including archeology, and I have seen many scientists propose real events to account for ancient myths such as flood or Atlantis legends. If Atlantis was a technologically-advanced civilization, it does not seem to have existed on this planet or this dimension of this planet. When I hear tales of Atlantis, I do not know what to make of them, but being told that I helped melt down Atlantis makes me think about it. I may well be trying to get the global energy issue resolved in this lifetime to balance my karma, and the nearly universal fear that I have seen regarding the of free energy may be related to ancient memories of energy abuse. That interpretation seems reasonable, but what I have seen more of is people’s , far more than a with energy technologies.

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I have known some highly accomplished psychics and psychonauts, some of whom have brought back designs for viable technologies from their inter-dimensional adventures that are used in every American home today. Some of them have visited , so I do not regard them as imaginary, but valid realities that some on Earth today will eventually experience. That is one of the stars that I have steered by since the 1990s. One psychonaut viewed a past life with me when I was a woman. My ambitious father used me to marry a rival and then assassinate him, in order to steal his realm. I was caught in the act and died in my husband’s dungeon. When I heard that, I recalled many times in this life when I would stare at a wall or ceiling and think that I could cope with being imprisoned. I thought that I would often be in a trance. Also, the , one imagined method was the one I tried in the life that ended in a dungeon. It was a nightmare to even have thoughts like that and was the lowest moment of my journey, but when I was told many years later of my unsuccessful “career” as an assassin, it was one of those “hmm” moments. I have wondered if my possible experiences in a dungeon had something to do with .

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There are also heavenly realms that far exceed in love and grandeur anything that can be written about or even imagined while on Earth. The teachings describe planes he is familiar with, and earthly souls can somewhat comprehend the astral plane, but not really the higher ones. Michael is a mid-causal entity, and readily admits that the next plane of his evolution, the , is as much a mystery to him as the astral plane is to us.

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Virtually every mystical source agrees that beyond the physical plane, time and space largely do not exist. They are artificial constructs used to create this dimension, which is ultimately illusory. There is also plenty of firsthand human testimony regarding that phenomenon. People who clinically die and are revived report reviewing their entire lives, in greater detail than is seemingly possible, in mere instants of Earth time. The further that physical beings “progress” on “the other side,” the less their existence has time-like and space-like attributes, to eventually be abandoned, much as a child bicyclist eventually abandons training wheels. With that limitation acknowledged, I will write in time and space terms, as I live in a dimension where it defines our existence.

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After exploring the literature on crossing to the other side and what awaits us, and leavening it with , one issue is clear: bribing people with heaven or threatening them with hell are counterproductive. We go to whatever , and how we live our lives on Earth determines where we go on the other side. What we is important while we are here, but more important is what we , and what we is the most important, and the motivation behind our actions is all-important. Religious fanatics often have the most difficult time on the other side; their beliefs are conditioned by fear, not love. Rigid beliefs are the greatest obstacles to enlightenment, and all belief-fanatics are advised to give them up if they want a pleasant transition to their heaven. Living by Jesus’s Golden Rule - treating others how we would wish to be treated - is the best prescription for raising one’s awareness and having a joyous transition to the other side. Love is the answer.

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The most important thing at this age is to introduce a love of reading, so there is no replacement for bedtime stories and other family book times. posted by Montessori House at