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It was Brunellesci's magnificent 1418 design for the dome of the (1420-36) - now regarded as the first example of Renaissance architecture - which ushered in a new style based on the long-neglected placement and proportion rules of Classical Antiquity.


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Duringthe 1870's, American Anglophiles became acquainted with the Arts& Crafts Movement, first introduced through interest in theGothic Revival and the paintings and writings of the Pre-RaphaeliteBrotherhood. The art and architectural criticism of Ruskin, whichlaid the foundation of the movement, and lectures on decorative artsof William Morris were available at the Boston Athenaeum and otherAmerican libraries as soon as they were published in London. Morris& Company began to sell their wallpapers in Boston in 1873, andby the mid 1870s had representatives for their growing line ofwallpaper, fabric and carpet in many major American cities. Inspiredby English work, Arts & Crafts artisans and workshop groupsaround America began producing their own designs by end of the1870's, with especially strong centers of activity in Boston andCincinnati. The Arts & Crafts Movement also shaped Americanarchitecture, especially with the development of the Queen AnneRevival, and with emerging styles that were based on the"old-fashioned homes" of the American Colonial period: the ShingleStyle and the Old Colony Style. The first generation of Arts &Crafts artisans employed a diverse expression of styles, which drewinspiration from England, but also from Japan and from the regionaltraditional crafts and architecture of America.

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Arts& Crafts Movement ideas were given an even wider audience duringthe 1882 American tour of Oscar Wilde. He championed Morris, thePre-Raphaelites and the design and art-manufacturing philosophy inlectures presented in over 120 North American towns and cities. Bythe mid-1880's, English designs and locally made Arts & Craftsproducts were specified by trendsetting American architects andselected by affluent homeowners for the most stylish and fashionableAmerican townhouses, suburban cottages and country villas. It was thechildren who grew up in these artistic homes of the 1880s who becamepatrons of Gustav Stickley, subscribed to the Craftsman Magazine, andbuilt bungalows for their first homes.

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At the same time, the Florentine architect and artist (1377-1446) had begun studying ancient Roman designs, and was convinced that ideal building proportions could be ascertained from mathematical and geometrical principles.

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In its architectural design, it combined the Gothic tradition of stone vaulting and the principles of Roman engineering.

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Believing that ideal architectural design was based on the harmony of structure, function and decoration, he was greatly inspired by the theory and practice of ancient Roman architects and engineers.