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. You heard it all weekend: "Four American swimmers trashed a Rio bathroom in a drunken rage and then lied toinvestigators about an armed robbery to cover-up their story." It's become conventional wisdom from network anchorstrying to paint a rosy picture on a troubled Olympics to journalists who embrace the narrative of "ugly Americans" takingadvantage of the downtrodden, third world Brazilians. There's only one problem with this narrative: It appearsit's completely false.

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Olympic ads to be heavy on emotional appeal, light on Rio

Rio's Olympics are on the verge of disaster asfear grows over the Zika virus, which has left more than 4,000 newborns with shrunken heads. Female spectators and evenathletes of childbearing age are being warned by countries and medical professionals around the world to reconsider theirplans to travel to Brazil for fear of what could happen to their unborn children after the country was overrun by themosquito-borne disease.

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. With reports of dead bodies andexcrement floating in the water, the threat of Zika and the Russian doping scandal, the Rio Olympics appears the Frankensteinof athletic events. And now Rio seems dopey in another way: owing to political correctness, a runner with, reportedly,no womb or ovaries but internal testes will be allowed to compete with women. This person is South African middle-distancecompetitor Caster Semenya.

Santa Claus: Many of the commercials feature Santa Claus either causing the magic of Christmas to happen or spreading joy by giving out Cokes 2.
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. It's primordial, this pool. Youexpect a cold, dead hand to come jutting up out of it. The Olympic diving tank is dark and seemingly bottomless, and asa rule in life, nothing good grows or happens in dark-green water. Things that are green and wet: spoiled kale. Decomposition. Industrial subatomic runoff. Old ceiling leaks. Dead seaweedy things that clutch at yourankle. Would you wade in that, much less put your face in it? Mothers all over the world are worried about thatpool: They know what the toddler section of a public aquatic park looks like late in the day. Anyone who hasstared at the bottom of an old fountain is worried about that pool. "The swamp pool," British gold medalist Chris Mearscalled it.

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. Rio deJaneiro spent about $4.6 billion to host the 2016 Summer Olympics. Six months later, four months after the end of theParalympic Games, the city's Olympic infrastructure is falling apart. Over the weekend, the Brazilian news outlet O Globopublished footage of various abandoned and decrepit Olympic venues. According to O Globo, limited security has resulted intheft, and the ceilings are falling in. Other venues appear to not have received any necessary upkeep. Even the Maracana,Rio's Olympic stadium, is without power as city officials argue about who should pay the electricity bills. Most shocking is awarm-up pool that has turned orange.

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. Beijing has won the right to host the2022 Winter Olympics. Now all it needs is some snow. China 's capital — a city with scant snowfalland a limited winter sports experience — was chosen last week to host the Games, beating out Almaty, Kazakhstan. While Beijing boasts sparkling facilities left over from its 2008 Summer Games, the International Olympic Committee's decision perplexed many observers. But the governing body may not have had a choice. Despite the IOC's efforts to make bidding and hosting more appealing, some of the stronger possible host cities have shied away in recent years.

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. The Olympic green pool saga has been through more twists and turns than the divers plunging into it. On Tuesday [8/9/2016] the diving pool was green. Then on Wednesday, the water polo pool also turned green. Now onFriday it appears that the diving pool has been closed to training altogether — so as not to disturb the water andhelp it turn blue again.