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Deoscorides' "Anno 2065" (1865), science fictional, science fictional title is "Nowhere" spelled backwards Protagonist George Higgs in a New Zealand sheep farm, is led by a native to "Erewhon", a country strangely similar to Hollywood in its emphasis on keeping everyone pretty and happy.

Seveneves Movie Coming from Ron Howard, Apollo 13 …

We clear the smoke to reveal what's fact and fiction in this wildfire movie.

Moon landing conspiracy theories - Wikipedia

Wells' "The Time Machine" for the way it enables us to view our petty modern concerns , for its technologically advanced (cloning) but socially regressive society which has returned to slavery* = quotation from "John Brunner's 10 SF Novels Every Politician Should Read" (c) 1982 Brunner Fact & Fiction Ltd.

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To Ted, I just watched it yesterday too a little later than you but i agree with t wayyy above, i read all these comments and its pretty clear that the goverment hides a lot from us (public). they dont want us to know anything and yes the apollo18 was a good movie, just if it was real footage how would they get the videos if there was nothing launched back to step at the moon? I also agree , yes its hollywood, hollywood add a lot of stuff just to go make you watch it but i agree like someone said above that in every movie there is a fact (in some?). And admin you said in the first comments you worked for government then later you said you didnt work for government that you worked for Armagh Planetarium…? Anyways, I say goverment should tell us public stuff we dont know about, what if you (government) were in our position?

Moon Statistics - Views of the Solar System

The Myth of Apollo -- Did the USA really go to the Moon?

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