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*The Monster
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Who is Anne Sexton?
*Born November 9, 1928
*American Poet
*given the Pulitzer Prize for her poetry
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A Song is just like a poem but with music added to it and a beat
Eminem *The Monster,Love the way you lie pt.2, and Rap God
Sexton's poem of Rumpelstiltskin expresses the basic story of this little man who wants a baby so he uses a young girl and her problems, to help him get a baby.

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Her Kind is an early poem by Anne Sexton, published in her first book To Bedlam and Part Way Back
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Grimm Poems: Encountering Anne Sexton’s Transformations

The first few poems immediately hook you, and I, in fact, finished the book on one sitting. Transformations is Anne Sexton’s retelling of various Grimm Fairytales. She starts, and continues an interesting pattern in which each poem is split two ways, an indented sort of preface, and then her retelling of the story. You’ll notice the transition into storytelling mode after the indented section, from “The Twelve Dancing Princess’s”:

“Transformations” Fairytales by Anne Sexton – Poethead

There’s little that can compare to a summer afternoon on a shady back porch—seventy-seven degrees, with a large, chilled beverage and a good book of poetry in hand. With the recent bout of gorgeous weather here in Charlottesville, I soon found myself perusing the shelves of my local bookstore. I’d just finished reading a ton of modernist poetry—Yeats and Eliot and whatnot, so I was looking for something a little more contemporary, maybe, post sixties but not last-twenty-years contemporary. I picked a book by Anne Sexton off the shelf, first off because I wanted to read a female poet after those modernists, and because a close friend had recommended her. Upon opening Transformations, I found the publication date— 1971. Score. And so I read.

Young is a short poem, one of Anne Sexton's early attempts to express herself in verse
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