-- Ingrid Newkirk, "Animal Rights 2002" convention, June 30, 2002

"No matter how one views God's original intent, the completedisdain afforded animals who are turned into food is absolutely heretical... Humans are playing God with animals, and ethical people should have nopart in it." Why? Because the animals' "natural desires [are]totally thwarted, and their every need and desire entirely ignored..."(PETA web site). So regardless of God's intention, we must respect thedesires and needs of animals like we would those of humans, otherwise, weare "playing God" and that is "heretical."

-- Salena Gomez, Animal Rights sympathizer, August 20, 2010

The question

-- Salena Gomez, Animal Rights sympathizer, August 20, 2010

Where politicians once kept secret their ties to political groups masquerading as “animal welfare advocates”, by 2010 they had become so emboldened that they proudly proclaim affiliation with “animal rights” groups! Take a look at their voting history and decide for whom you will vote in the next election. Remember, politicians should not have to be paid to support good legislation.

-- Steven Best, International Animal Rights Gathering 2005

PETA Founder Ingrid Newkirk's Animal Rights History begins during the turbulent 70s when she spearheaded legislation for a Washington D.C. spay/neuter clinic. Co-founder Alex Pacheco's public history also begins in the 70s as an animal activist, campaigning against leg hold traps. One of his mentors was Cleveland Armory, founder of Fund For Animals (FFA). That was before Pacheco went undercover in the historical monkey lab case which prompted the movie classic, Project X.

Animal Rights: The History and Nature of the Beast

"[The] books, , by Peter Singer, and ,by Thomas Regan, provide the philosophical basis for the modern animalrights movement" - Sherry, pp xi, xii.

P.E.T.A. Animal Rights, Human Abuse Essay - 1707 Words

Extremists in the movement go still further. ALF member Tim Daley saysthe Animal Rights struggle is like a war, so "you have to take up armsand people will get killed" - Sherry, p xiv.

Zoos, Animals and Animal Rights

“Honestly, I don’t understand it,” says , an animal rights lawyer and an associate professor at the George Washington University Law School, which hosts an annual . “PETA does lots of good for animals, but I could never support them on this.”

Zoos teach people that it is all right to use animals, ..

Anti-establishment groups flourished in the 70’s - the , , etc. Within that framework, PETA's history begins in England where it was chartered. Although PETA denies ties with the (ALF) and ELF (), PETA has given both groups large financial grants. Note: [1] and PETA is a subversive vegetarian, animalnotwelfare)organization that reported $32 million in donations for 2009 when this was written.

Sherry, Clifford, Animal Rights: A Reference Handbook

It also took money and huge political pull for PETA to so quickly infiltrate our schools with "teaching materials." Can anyone explain how PETA got into the Encyclopedia Britannica when most Americans had not yet heard about "animal rights"?

Sexism in the Animal Rights Movement: PeTA | vegan …

"People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), with more thanseven hundred thousand members, is the largest animal rightsorganization in the world. Founded in 1980, PETA is dedicated toestablishing and protecting the rights of all animals" - PETA website.

Animal Rights Activists and Organizations – Speaking …

How could veganism be a successful platform in a country founded by meat eaters, hunters, and farmers? We became Americans by fighting for our individual RIGHTS so how could we give up the right to own animals? If you have ever wondered why and how such blatantly subversive political groups got a foothold in America, consider this...