Johnson fired Stanton anyway and was Impeached over this act.

Until recently Andrew Johnson was one of the most misrepresented men in American history, and one of the most common errors concerning him is the statement that he was a member of the Methodist Church. Anyone who will only take the trouble to investigate will learn that this was not a fact, as will be proved in this chapter. Johnson had the courage to stand firm against the political spoilsmen of his time. This was "the head and front of his offending." [NOTE: For proof of this statement, see a recent work (1929), 'Andrew Johnson, A Study in Courage,' by Lloyd Paul Stryker. The Macmillan Co.]

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Andrew Johnson; 1865-1869; Republican, Tennessee; succeeded to office.

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To hold an American citizen as an "enemy combatant" in the United States and try him before a "special military tribunal" under military law meant the End of the Constitution to Democrats and anti-war radicals: Yet this is precisely something that was done by Franklin Roosevelt, without complaint.

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They may not have noticed that John McCain was the perfect "more like a Democrat" candidate -- a Republican, indeed, with not much patience for the Religious Right or Social Conservatives, that Democrats seemed to be saying they could vote for.

Owned outright are Johnston Atoll, Howland Island, Baker Island, and Jarvis Island.

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The later triumph, indeed, of those to whom Johnson was sympathetic made for a century of Terror in the South for blacks, and for endless trouble (including the corruption of the whole idea of ) in the years since the Civil Rights Act of 1964 abolished Segregation.

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Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was the first and last president to serve three terms (1933–1945), orchestrated the greatest expansion of executive power in American history. Roosevelt’s implementation of the New Deal—with its many agencies and bureaucracies—sanctioned government intervention in the economic and social crises that stemmed from the Great Depression. When the United States entered the Second World War, in 1941, factories went into high gear, which in turn drove the economy’s recovery.

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The charges of corruption, beginning with the "Credit Mobilier" scandal, are either about things that occurred during Andrew Johnson's Administration, and which Grant's Administration prosecuted, about politically motivated and questionable accusations, or about matters that Grant fully understood and handled vigorously.

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In Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address of November 1863, he argued for another revolution, one that would bring forth a “new birth of freedom” to restore the Union and reestablish American democracy. But because he was assassinated in April 1865, he could not guide the process of national reconciliation known as Reconstruction. Andrew Johnson, Lincoln’s successor, failed to integrate the four million freed African Americans into society or to structure society in a way that would ensure their civil rights.

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A glance at an entry in Washington's Diary for October 10, 1785, throws great light upon his attitude toward the Church and religion. It will speak for itself: "A Mr. John Lowe on his way to Bishop Seabury for ordination, called and dined here -- could not give him more than a general certificate founded on information, respecting his character -- having no acquaintance with him, nor any desire to open a correspondence with the new ordained bishop."