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Clearly, Homer’s epic poem, The Odyssey, is not believable today because of the mythical creatures, many unlikely events occur, and the gods interact with the mortals.

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Why do you think the poet used the phrase ‘soldier boy’

a. Both poems are a viewer’s account of a battlefield scene. The times are, however, different. Wilfred Owen wrote his poem, possibly as the World War 1 was razing on. Michael Mack wrote his poem during a much later period, possibly during World War 2 or the Vietnam War.
b. Both authors capture the horrors and the brutality of war. The injury, death, and the devastation caused by the war are vividly described. In particular, the anguish and the trauma a dying soldier feels in his last moments are narrated by the authors. It leaves the reader shaken and devastated. Ultimately, the dying soldier is the main protagonist in both cases. It is his miserable condition that moves the reader.
c. The similarity ends here. A Small Pain in My Chest eulogizes valour, the never-say-die instinct, the esprit de corps, and the tenacity of a young recruit. Quite clearly, the young brave soldier sets a new bench mark in gallantry. Through his defiance, he inspires other fighting men to emulate him. Unlike the way many describe the poem, A Small in My Chest is not an anti-war film. It is a poem that calls for action. It stirs the lite ning in soldiers to never let down their arms, never capitulate, nor surrender. This is the reason why this song is played by the U. S. army each time a soldier returns from the battlefield in is coffin. The poem is totally silent on the futility of war, and the stupidity of the politicians who start a war, only to please their egos.
d. Dulce et Decorum Est, on the other hand, is definitely an anti-war poem. In the back of his mind, Alfred Owen has nothing but scorn for the leaders and the royalty who start a war to please their egos. The war that the poem is based on was fought with all the deadly weapons and lethal gases. Soldiers died like rats. Injured soldiers could neither be evacuated, nor treated properly. The soldiers jumped into the war because they vainly assumed that victory in the war would bring glory to their motherland. This notion was wickedly and deceitfully propagated by the kings and emperors to flatter themselves.
The soldier dies. He falls, unsung, un-honored, and un-loved. The message he conveys is that wars are futile tools for conflict resolution. Nothing, but severe mental and physical suffering comes out of a war. There is no call for determined and dogged fight.

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