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How do racial stereotypes work in general, and how do the stereotypes in Bamboozled work in particular?
Your analysis should draw upon key concepts from Weeks One through Four, such as:
hegemony/counter-hegemony, discourse, representation, coding, semiotics (sign/signifier/signified, denotative/connotative meaning), stereotypes (negative, positive, reversed, inhabited), irony/satire/tragedy/moral ambiguity, the gaze, corporeal/racial epidermal schema, interpellation and discipline etc.
It is up to you which of these concepts you choose to use as tools for your analysis.

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(Main (Gardner) Stacks PN1995.9.M56 W55 2010) Clockers (1995)Directed by Spike Lee.

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Spike Lee’s latest film “Bamboozled” is a satire exploring several themes. First, Thomas Dunwitty (played by Michael Rapaport), the White boss of the CNS television network, considers himself to be an authority and expert about Black culture. Second, Pierre Delacroix, the lead/narrator played by Damon Wayons, is a Black Harvard Graduate that identifies with Whites more than Blacks. Finally, several characters are bamboozled (denotatively defined–to deceive) at the beginning of the story and suffer tragic consequences at the end.

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Here are some other points to conclude about Dunwitty’s role. First, he holds a prestigious position of power at CNS, which depicts authority and feeds his megalomania. He is also motivated to save the network by amassing the highest ratings, which, in turn, allow him to “take over Black culture,” according to Spike Lee. Finally, as a result of being an expert, it allows Dunwitty to exercise power and ultimately, mock Black culture, which helps contribute to the tragic events at the end of the film.

Special DVD features, disc 2 (supplement): New video introductions by Spike Lee ; St.

With Tara Reid, Kane Hodder, Nathan Jones, Bill Moseley

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Director Spike Lee fashions a bold, flavorful picture of family life in a crowded but cozy Brooklyn neighborhood nicknamed "Crooklyn" by the Carmichaels, who experience one very special summer in their hometown under difficult but often wonderful circumstances.

DVD 5676Credits and other information from the Internet Movie DatabaseGirl 6 Directed by Spike Lee.

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In conclusion, I enjoyed this film because it raises many questions about perceptions of Black culture, White people wanting to become Black and identify and assimilate into Black culture, and contemporary artists who also identify and consider themselves hip, Black musicians (e.g. Vanilla Ice, EMINEM, et al.). Also, “Bamboozled” has opened my mind to reevaluating Spike Lee movies and other movies regarding Black culture, media influence, and various cultural and ethnic perceptions. Finally, I also had an opportunity to learn about Black face and Minstrels, a topic which I was unaware of prior to viewing the film.

Hawke's character is bamboozled by Washington's bad-cop character, and their ultimate conflict reveals the seamy gray area of undercover police work.

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A running commentary by Spike Lee, Ernest Dickerson, Barry Brown and Monty Ross is on analog track 2 and can be listened to separately while watching the film.

DVD 932 Credits and other information from the Internet Movie DatabaseMalcolm X (1992) Directed by Spike Lee.

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25th Hour (2002) is Spike Lee and David Benioff's tale of a New York City drug dealer (expertly played by Edward Norton) who has one last day of freedom before starting a seven-year prison sentence.