Snow Falling of Cedars(David Guterson)

Based on the novel by David Guterson, Snow Falling on Cedars is primarily set on the murder investigation of Kazuo Miyamoto, a Japanese-American accused of killing a Caucasian fisherman, Carl Heine as "an act of revenge" (Stratton 16)....

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If it weren’t for the storm taking place outside at the time and World War II, Snow Falling On Cedars would have a much different feel towards it. The storm brought much feeling towards the story, and the war brought a lot of explanation to the , and it all came around and brought the innocent man innocent. The storm was finally over.

Mood of Passage in Snow Falling on Cedars

Snowstorms do eventually let up, the sun ends up shining, and the real ground is found. In the end of the novel Snow Falling On Cedars, the snow melts, and the truth is found. Kabuo was in fact merely helping Carl Heine out with a battery. Heine happened to be on his mast, when he suddenly ended up slipping, hitting his head, and then eventually drowning. Kabuo was much innocent, and he and his family was very pleased. The storm did not last forever; it subsided finally in the end to happiness.

In the murder mystery novel, Snow Falling on Cedars, by David Guterson, many examples of wartime racism are evident.
In his work, Snow Falling on Cedars, David Guterson brings the harsh realities of prejudice to light.

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This can be seen in David Guterson’s Snow Falling on Cedars in which he utilizes and adapts the conventions of the courtroom drama, enabling him to not only present a murder mystery, but also to explore the prejudices on an American 1950s audience and comment on its manifestations in today’s society....


A rainy day represents gloominess in the minds of most people. Sunny days can make people feel refreshed and at ease. Cloudy days have a neutral feel. Snowy days on the other hand can have many different feelings attached. To some, peacefulness and surrealism may come to mind. To others, confusion and bitterness may play a role. In David Gutterson’s novel , A Japanese man named Kabuo is on trial for murder. This all takes place with a fierce blizzard going on outside. The novel also takes place at the time of World War II, when the Japanese were sent to internment camps to face the consequences of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The Blizzard and World War II both play important roles in having to do with symbolism and mood in the novel Snow Falling On Cedars.

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