(1986) "A further analysis of Swinging".

Although the unit of analysisin this research was individual swingers, it may be that some respondentsfilled out the survey as couples and allowed the male to "speak for" theattitudes of both partners.

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About seven out of every ten respondents in this study were men. The reasons for the gender imbalance are difficult to determine. However, it must be noted that samples in prior research have shown similar gender bias (Bergstrand & Williams, 2000; Jenks, 1998). While the unit of analysis in this study was individual swingers, it is possible that the gender bias in responses could be explained by the maintenance dynamics of "couple" sites. Men may be more likely to maintain the couple's profile and consult the dating sites daily, more so than women. In addition, men may be more willing to participate in an on-line survey. Moreover, as suggested by Bergstrand and Williams, men may have completed the questionnaire as the representative of the couple, hence expressing the views and attitudes of both partners. Further research in this area is necessary to evaluate this discrepancy and offer possible explanations.

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The demographic and swinging experience data were analyzed using descriptive statistics. The results of the marital and sexual satisfaction scales were computed according to the protocol outlined in the scales; t-tests were used to compare the mean scores for men and women.

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I eventually found a slow-motion U-tube swing video of his driver swing that was photographed with the Konica BizHub SwingVision camera system [3], and I was finally able to analyse his swing biomechanics/mechanics in great depth.

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The contribution of this study to the current literature is of great significance. The results will allow for a more complete understanding of swingers in the context of today' society and provide a better understanding of the rationale used by swingers to justify their swinging activities. As previously stated herein, research on swinging has lagged behind the rising incidence of swinging (Roberts, 2003). Past research has not empirically evaluated the marital and sexual satisfaction of swingers using well-established research instruments. Most of the information has been, at best, anecdotal. Thus, this study will provide much needed and valuable information by analyzing, and comparing, the marital and sexual satisfaction of male and female respondents.

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The unit of analysis for the research was individual swingers rather thancouples, so in analyzing the data by gender there is no way to know whichreturns represent two members of the same marital union.