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Although critically acclaimed and frequently ranked , Schindler's List has also been criticized—not least for its decision to focus on the unlikely rescue of 1,200 Jews, rather than the murder of 6 million. Writing for The New York Review of Books, Jason Epstein that this emphasis obscures perhaps the most disturbing lesson to be taken away from the Holocaust: "Hitler's victims were multitudinous, but his accomplices—both active and passive and not simply in Germany—were far more numerous. Schindler was an exotic exception and Spielberg's film lets viewers take comfort and pride in his virtuous behavior . . ."

He made the film 'Schindler's List' primarily for education.

2. Do you see Oskar Schindler's narrative as a success story, or a story of failure?

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In March 1943, Nazi officials liquidate the Kraków Ghetto, murdering Jews by the hundreds in the streets. Survivors fit to work are sent to Płaszów concentration camp for forced labor, while the rest are sent to the Auschwitz concentration camp, which is already infamous among Europe's Jewish community. Schindler witnesses the liquidation of the ghetto from a nearby hillside, unable to tear his eyes away.

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Survivors sent to Płaszów find themselves even worse off than they had been in the ghetto. The camp's commander, Amon Goeth, (Ralph Fiennes) takes great pleasure in tormenting and murdering his prisoners. (In real life, Goeth was eventually relieved of command of the camp by the SS for theft of Jewish property and the horrendous treatment of prisoners, among other offenses.) Arguing that the treatment his workers are receiving is negatively affecting his business, Schindler procures the right to create a sub-camp, and ends up housing his workers at the factory.

Except for Schindlers List, every single drama listed above has more than one moment of levity.

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There was some exaggeration in some scenes, but not enough to make its historical significance ruined.
Because it is, after all, a non fiction movie based off the life of a real man named Oskar Schindler, it is, for the most part, accurat, and a very good example of how the Polish Jews were treated or seen as during the time.

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By this time, Nazi officials have started dividing Jewish prisoners into two groups: workers essential to the war effort and "non-essential" workers. Essential workers are allowed to stay in the ghetto; non-essential workers are sent away to concentration camps. Having been put in charge of running Schindler's DEF, Stern uses his position to offer factory jobs to academics, artists, and other "non-essential" workers, thus transforming them into "essential" ones. Schindler first becomes aware of Stern's scheme when a one-armed man comes to thank him for saving his life. Schindler is outraged, asking Stern what use his factory could possibly have for a one-armed machinist.

Notes the difference in critical response from his earlier film "Schindler's list".

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While the price of saving a life may have felt more salient to Schindler as he looked into the eyes of the people he'd rescued, most citizens of developed countries find themselves in a similar situation every day. The cost of a single meal at an affordable New York restaurant could easily provide food for an undernourished child in Sudan for a month. Moreover, as the cost of HIV/AIDS treatment in the developing world has plummeted, many of us spend more on coffee in any given month than it would cost us to pay for an HIV/AIDS patient's .

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The film is strongest at evoking the emotionality of the events depicted, notably in the widely disapproved climax when Nazi businessman Oskar Schindler experiences a spiritual moment of humility after delivering 1,100 Jews to safety.

Steven Spielberg's film 'Schindler's List' focuses on the well-known theme of the Holocaust.

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In need of money to get his factory off the ground, Schindler seeks out wealthy Jewish investors. Since Jews are barred by the Nazis from owning businesses and money will do them little good in the Kraków Ghetto, where the authorities have forcibly relocated them, Schindler proposes to repay his investors in the factory's enamelware, which can be sold on the black market. Having secured the funds, Schindler sets up the German Enamelware Factory (DEF) with the help of Jewish accountant Itzhak Stern (Ben Kingsley). Stern proposes to Schindler that they hire Jewish workers as a way of saving money. (Notably, all Jewish workers' wages go directly to the , meaning that Schindler's factory workers are effectively slaves of the Nazis.)