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"Dover Beach" by: Matthew Arnold In the poem "Dover Beach" by: Matthew Arnold there is a lot of irony, appeal to the auditory and visual sense, and illusions.

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Matthew Arnold’s Dover Beach (1867) is a finest specimen of modernity, meditation and elegiac tone
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Fahrenheit 451 and "Dover Beach" by Matthew Arnolds?

Clausson, Nils. [and Samuel Taylor Coleridge]. Writes Clausson, "in 'Dover Beach' Arnold came the closest, in my view, of any Victorian poet to appropriating successfully not only the conversational voice but also the poetic structure of Coleridge's conversation poems." Summer 2008 [questia sub ser].

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O'Neill, Michael. O'Neill considers Arnold's poetry as a response to the major English Romantic Poets, especially Wordsworth, Byron, Shelley, and Keats, and contends that Arnold wavers in an unstable but poetically productive way between seeking to establish his distance from Romantic poetry and conceding its hold over his imagination. Poems examined include "The Buried Life," Empedocles on Etna, "Stanzas from the Grande Chartreuse," "The Scholar-Gipsy," "Memorial Verses," "A Summer Night," "Dover Beach," and "To Marguerite--Continued." This may be the best article on Arnold of the year, according to . 36, 2 (2006) pp 109-24 [free at jstor].

An Analysis of Literary Devices in Matthew Arnold's Dover Beach and Self-Dependence
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