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The global financial crisis, which originated in the UnitedStates, had a major impact on the world economy and the economicrecovery prospects of developed countries. As the countries withthe most active economic growth in the world, BRICS countries(Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) face a greatchallenge. They need to adjust their development strategies whenfacing the new challenge in order to achieve rapid and sustainableeconomic development.

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By: Dan_Steinbock If the government’s focus remains on inclusive economic development, the Philippines could become a bright spot in the global landscape.

Today, there is a huge gap between the Philippines as it is portrayed by many international observers and the country’s fundamental economic realities.

The Duterte win was the triumph of ordinary Filipinos. Accordingly, there is only one way for the government to succeed. It must deliver the country’s economic promise.

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The BRICS countries have the advantage of having hugepopulations providing resource advantages and some industrialadvantages that are important in the international division oflabour. Comprehensive reform can promote rapid economicdevelopment. The BRICS countries should change outdated ideas andinstitutions and implement comprehensive reform. They cannot onlypay attention to the economic revolution but must also focus on thepolitical revolution. The economic development of the BRICScountries is relatively extensive, but without much technology. Tochange this, they must increase innovative ability with thepromotion of continuous independent and integrated innovation. Theyshould resolutely create a social atmosphere of innovation in orderto essentially improve economic innovation by introducing andtraining talent (especially top-notch personnel), accelerate thebuilding of an innovative environment and protect intellectualproperty rights with the most stringent legal measures.

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The internal and external environmental changes have causedlarge emerging economies to pay more attention to the urgent anddifficult task of transformation. There is a general increase inthe inflation rate of BRIC countries. In recent years, the overallrate of inflation of BRIC countries has increased year-on-year. In2012, the exchange rate of the Russian Ruble to the US dollarappreciated by 5% and Renminbi (currency of the People'sRepublic of China) appreciated by 5%. However, the Brazilian Real,the Indian Rupee and South Africa Rand all faced seriousdevaluation as the countries saw a decline in the growth of foreigninvestment and capital flight.

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As a result of these challenges, it might seem that cracksbetween the BRICS countries have appeared. BRICS is a group andeach country has its own situation, however, cracks between theBRICS countries mainly present the economic ties between thecountries are not close enough. The volume of trade is inadequate,their industries do not complement each other sufficiently, andinformation exchange needs to be strengthened. This rift isrelative compared to developed economies and are temporaryfluctuations during the process of economic cyclical changes. Ifhandled properly, the cracks will not change the overall trend ofthe economic development of the BRICS countries.

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By: SubmissionsDr. Gero Jenner writes:In ‘The Open Society and its Enemies’, Karl Popper strongly defended the position that major interventions in the economy, especially when ideologically motivated, are usually disastrous and should therefore be avoided. Popper wrote his famous work towards the end of the thirties. On the one hand, he saw the devastating effects of textbook-based economies, where the working masses were tied into an economic strait-jacket by a Politburo, on the other hand, Popper was well aware of the dangers of that kind of capitalism, which tended to place the interests of a few monopolists above those of the general population. Against such aberrations, Popper propagated what he called ’social engineering‘, namely, a model of small steps, where every previous economic intervention is painstakingly scrutinized in view of its effects before any further action is embarked upon. Popper seemed to regard the economy in the same way as a highly complex machinery which a layman cannot tackle without causing the greatest damage.

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On external challenges, the South China Sea dispute, East ChinaSea Diaoyu Islands issue, and the China/India territorial issuewill add to domestic pressures. Russia had a strained relationshipwith western countries due to Crimea and the recent Malaysian planetragedy in Ukraine. This will inevitably lead to the slowdown ofeconomic growth. On internal challenges, political transparency inBRICS countries is not high. Corruption, polarization, andterrorism issues all affect political stability, economicdevelopment and market confidence.