Analyse the function of misogy.

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Languages may also lack words for things that matter a great deal towomen. This sort of gap is another way that a language can be seen asencoding a male worldview. The term ‘sexual harassment’,for example, is a recent feminist innovation. Women’s discussionof their experiences led them to see a certain common element to manyof their problems, and as a result they invented the term‘sexual harassment’. Once the problem was named, it becamemuch easier to fight sexual harassment, both legally and by educatingpeople about it (Farley 1978; Spender 1985).

Price, `The Function of Imagery in ..

Problems like those we have seen so far are relatively easy todiscern. Moreover, it may seem that they would be relatively easy tocorrect—new terms can be invented, or alternative words can beused. Much feminist effort has been devoted to this endeavour, and ahuge variety of reforms have been proposed (see, for example, Millerand Swift 1976, 1980, and the papers in part two of Cameron1998a).

Irony, Misogyny and Interpretation: Ambiguous Authority …

However, Peter Brooks explains in “Godlike Science/Unhallowed Arts: Language and Monstrosity in Frankenstein” that Shelly had presented the problem of “Monsterism” through her language....

A Jungian Analysis of The Sound and the Fury: Faulkner …

Clearly, in the above example, ‘able-bodied young adult’is being used in such a way as to exclude women. Moreover, exampleslike this (and others Cameron provides) pass unnoticed by newspapereditors and many readers. There is clearly a problem, but it is not aproblem that can be pinpointed by picking out some particular term asobjectionable and in need of reform. Eliminating language use thattakes males as the norm, then, must involve more than changing a fewterms or usage rules.

Homosexuality in Virginia Woolf's Mrs

Hybrid Model
-Use life story narratives of group
-Avoid self disclosure
-Challenge women and other marginal identity constructs as passive and pathology-ridden
-Understand the link between powerlessness
and devaluation
-Inclusion of complex realities

Feminist Pedagogy

-Recognize social categories beyond race and ethnicity (i.e.

Septimus: Religion, Redemption, and Resurrection

Singular personal pronoun usage, Frye argues, is impossible withoutknowing the sex of the person one is discussing, and in many cases sexwould otherwise be utterly irrelevant. Frye takes this to be aninstance of a general tendency to make sex relevant where it need notbe, which she takes to be a key feature of sexism. In addition, shesuggests, the constant need to know and indicate sex helps toperpetuate the conviction that sex is a tremendously important matterin all areas. For Frye, this is a key factor in perpetuating maledominance: male dominance requires the belief that men and women areimportantly different from each other, so anything that contributes tothe impression that sex differences are important is therefore acontributor to male dominance.

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Moreover, feminist work on language has also indicated that there maybe problems which are simply not amenable to piecemeal linguisticreforms. Some difficulties that have been raised go well beyond ahandful of problematic terms or gaps. Deborah Cameron offers strikingexamples of writing that take males as the norm without using anyparticular terms to which one might object, such as the following,from The Sunday Times: