What every man in a relationship needs to know about sex addiction.

The first goal in counseling is to help the addicted person stop lying. Despite the years and years of lies the addicted person may have told himself and others, he can stop lying. Being honest is a free will choice. The addicted person does need medication, meetings, or years of therapy analyzing his childhood to stop lying. With proper guidance the sexually addicted person can be completely truthful about any sex addiction, including a porn addiction, addictive masturbation, using prostitutes, massage parlors and the various other forms of sexual addiction.

You can overcome any addiction.

Depressive Disorders are a common coexisting condition with sex addiction.

Anyone can overcome sex addiction

Until sex addiction is formally included in the DSM V, professionals derive a “diagnosis” through assessment protocols specifically designed for the addiction.

The three most popular approaches to overcoming addiction are:

According to Chester Schmidt, chair of the DSM-IV Sexual Disorder Work Group, there is “no scientific data to support a concept of sexual behavior that is called sex addiction.

What every woman involved with a man needs to know about sex addiction.

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3. Advice that works Conventional licensed therapy and the 12-step program rely on various forms of repression to try to overcome sex addiction. Here are a few typical ways a sexually addicted person is advised to repress his addictive desires: Stay away from the Internet. Don't read anything or watch movies that might be sexually stimulating. When you feel an addictive desire, go to the gym and do an exhausting workout. Or go to a meeting. Or take psychological medication to squelch the desire. All these and other forms of repression basically advise the addict to try to get away from his or her addictive desire. But, you cannot overcome a sex addiction by trying to escape your sexually addictive desires because they are directly tied to your sex drive and you won't be able to successfully repress your sex drive over the long run.

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Sex addiction is a symptom of intimacy problems. If you don't have someone close to you in an intimate way, you are probably very familiar with the pain of loneliness. Sexual addiction creates obstacles to ending your loneliness. This interview will help you identify the destructive wall of fantasy that sex addiction builds between you and a good relationship.

a two- to three-pack-a-day smoking addiction

Success in overcoming sex addiction depends on three factors. Failure occurs when any one of these three factors are not properly developed. Here they are:

Different sex addictions imply different problems.

1. Honesty Most sexually addicted people lie to themselves and/or their partner about their sexually addictive activities. The lies come in the form of rationalizations like, "I don't have a pornography addiction. I'm just having harmless fun." Or the person lies outright, "I didn't get up in the middle of the night to masturbate. I was working late." And of course, "I would never cheat on you."

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2. Effort Most addicted people are willing to work at overcoming their addiction once they enter counseling. However, if their efforts are not properly guided their attempt to stop will fail. Approaches based on guilt mongering and scare tactics will not help the sex addict get control. He already feels guilty and afraid. An addict needs help, not humiliation. Overcoming pornography addiction, compulsive masturbation, serial cheating, voyeurism, phone sex, and all other forms of sex addiction requires positive motivation.