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Dr Susan Milner provides an overview of the PhD in Politics, Languages and International Studies at the University of Bath. Current students Milena Romano and Syed Shah share their PhD experience.

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aim to provide an overview of the Cultural Revolution; ..

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The stability of theMing dynasty, which was without major disruptions of thepopulation (then around 100 million), economy, arts, society, orpolitics, promoted a belief among the Chinese that they hadachieved the most satisfactory civilization on earth and thatnothing foreign was needed or welcome.

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Includes thirteen essays by veteran China scholars commissioned to synthesize the status of knowledge in the study of the Cultural Revolution and its aftermath. The volume is divided into four parts, examining, respectively, political, diplomatic, economic, and cultural and educational aspects of Mao’s last decade.

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As the Cultural Revolution played out in China, Mao Zedong’s political teachings grew in popularity around the world, under the slogan of “liberating the human race”. Across the globe, Maoists rose up in rebellion as they strove to apply his ideology in their respective countries and regions. Riots, chaos and unrest ensued.

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This is the first exploration of women’s campaigns to gain equal rights to political participation in China. The dynamic and successful struggle for suffrage rights waged by Chinese women activists through the first half of the twentieth century challenged fundamental and centuries-old principles of political power. By demanding a public political voice for women, the activists promoted new conceptions of democratic representation for the entire political structure, not simply for women. Their movement created the space in which gendered codes of virtue would be radically transformed for both men and women.

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Then US president Nixon’s state visit to China in February 1972 significantly impacted geopolitics and bilateral relations on many levels. One such impact was the launch of a book by a California publisher, applying Mao’s sayings to a physical fitness plan.

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In the process, we will become an example and evolving model of self-determination and goodwill for the common benefit of all our Earth's peoples.

As we remember and integrate the wisdom of our ancestors, we begin to reflect on the wise and just way to honor the past, perfect the present, and prepare for a peaceful future.

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Choosing to study on the doctoral program at the Graduate School of Global Politics (GSGP) means choosing to study with a pioneer in German/Chinese academic cooperation.

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A number of scholarly works in both English and Chinese aim to provide an overview of the Cultural Revolution; its origins and causes; key figures, events, and developments; and consequences. Students and general readers new to the topic will gain the most by starting with , in which a veteran scholar of the Mao era provides the most concise and accessible account of the Cultural Revolution. (originally published in 1988) is an early general account published in China. Even though it was authored more than a quarter of a century ago by a CCP party historian, this well-researched and detailed account still provides one of the best accounts in the Chinese language. synthesizes the status of the field of Cultural Revolution scholarship of the 1970s and 1980s, and and provide the most detailed and authoritative general accounts of the Cultural Revolution to date, in English and Chinese, respectively. represents the new wave of scholarship on the Cultural Revolution that draws from a wide variety of recently available primary sources. Providing comprehensive coverage of the Mao era in its entirety, both and also contain detailed discussions of key developments and events of the Cultural Revolution decade, as well as its aftermath and multifaceted legacies in post-Mao Chinese society and politics.