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Every time you think you have worked things out,it throws up something which completely takes you by surprise."While it might seems incredible to associate a tiny chapel in Midlothianwith the very creation of a secret brotherhood which spread worldwide andplayed an important role in the creation of the American constitution, thelink between Freemasonry with the Sinclair family is clear.

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ARROGANCE is one of seven basic character flaws or “dark” personality traits

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He learnsabout an 'allegorical' figure head, hiram abiff, who died while protectingthe secrets of the order and who's behaviour is supposed to serve as an exampleof a fine master mason.

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Perhaps he is in financial difficulties; perhaps he has some social vice- if married he might 'retain a mistress' or have proclivity for visitingprostitutes; perhaps there is something in his past he wishes keep buried,some guilty secret, a criminal offence (easily obtainable through Freemasonpolice of doubtful virtue), or other blemish on his character: all theseand more could be discovered via the wide-ranging masons network of 600,000contacts, a great many of whom were disposed to do favours for one anotherbecause that had been their prime motive for joining.

Serving as an exampleof 'good behaviour and masonic ideals' but yet remaining only a man who mayor may not have really existed.

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Early accounts speak of the Prince's Pillar,and the carving said to be the head of the apprentice shows signs of beingroughly modified to make it seem like a young man.

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Oliver Burkeman goes in search of the Knights Templar and, perhaps, the cup of ChristTuesday January 4, 2005The GuardianOne of the problems with secret societies - especially the kind whose membersexert a shadowy influence on the course of world events - is that they canbe a bit difficult to track down.

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But Whitman and his poetry were not well-received by all. His poetry was regarded by many as obscene, and he was frequently perceived to be arrogant beyond belief. When it came to light that Whitman had published a number of self-written reviews, needless to say, people were not pleased. And in 1882 the sixth edition of Leaves of Grass, by now his life’s work, was prohibited from being published in the city of Boston on grounds of obscenity. However, despite, or perhaps because of, all the controversy surrounding him, Walt Whitman accomplished a feat that most poets and authors do not: he lived to see his work rise to prominence.

Althoughassociated with Satanic worship, a pentagram has been used by different culturesand religions throughout history.

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Alan is big on copyright. About every fifth line on his extensive web site is a copyright notice. He also spends an inordinate amount of time claiming that all sorts of people are trying to pirate his content, and that you should only buy his self-published books directly from him, and not from some evil pirate source. This overdeveloped sense of persecution is characteristic of the type 4 disorder.

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Rosicrucian Society
A society professing esoteric religious doctrines, venerating the emblemsof the rose and the cross as symbols of Christ's resurrection and redemption,and claiming various occult powers.

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The order believed an association wasneeded in Europe that would guide rulers along the paths of wisdom and good[C17: from Latin Rosae Crucis, Rose of the Cross, translation of the Germanname Christian Rosenkreutz (b.1378 d.1484), supposed founder of the society]Occult
Of or characteristic of magical, mystical, or supernatural arts, phenomena,or influences.