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To celebrate the "" Russia's known about the existence of Alien civilisations since 1969 "" here are the 10 most compelling pieces of evidence They're here, they've been here, and they're here to stay.

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A rundown of the six most Earth-like alien planets discovered to date.

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Alien Earth is an isometric mix of action, adventure, and role-playing. The player takes on the role of Finn, a villager raised on Earth after a nuclear holocaust and an alien invasion. Finn has to journey through the jungle to escape from an alien lord who is hunting him, and then make his way to the underground resistance.

10 Ways Earth Once Looked Like An Alien Planet - Listverse

Whether you believe these sightings to be "angel clouds" or aliens, I'll leave to you, because everybody is entitled to chose their own brand of nonsense.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of ancient world representations of what we now call aliens and I would love to go over all of them.
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