Yemen: Trapped in crossfire of regional power struggle

Van Buren set his sights on the vice presidency. He did so by beating Vice President John Calhoun in the power struggle over who was most likely to succeed Jackson as president. Van Buren used a social scandal to advance his political interests.

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A Struggle for Power: The American Revolution: …

Thus, it is important not to confuse freedom with social power. Between 1962 and the 1990s there was a great expansion in individual rights due to the civil rights, feminist, and lesbian-gay movements, but during that time the ratio of a top business executive's pay to a factory worker's pay increased from 41 to 1 to about 300 to 1. American workers can say what they want and do what they want within very broad limits, and their children can study hard in school so they can go to graduate school and join the well-off professional class as doctors, lawyers, architects, or engineers, but when it comes to social power most Americans have very little of it if they are not a part of the power elite.

A Struggle for Power: The American Revolution ..

First, Haiti is racialized because in creating Haiti in combat against the US/Euro enslavement tribes, Jean Jacques Dessalines empowered the Black "race" to carry the mantle of the African struggle for justice against racism, colonialism, forced assimilation, economic tyranny and imperialism.

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These historians suggest that while differences between these groups played a major role in their struggles to live peacefully among one another in the Virginia and Chesapeake regions, similarities such as the tendency to compete for reputation as a man, honor, power, and propert...

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The New World was only a small piece of a struggle for global domination between England and France. During the 1600s, France was the dominant power on the European continent, emerging victorious from the Thirty Years War. , the Sun King, built a palace at Versailles that made him the envy of every European monarch. French language, art, and literature prevailed on the continent. England, meanwhile, was in the throes of the only civil war in its history. As the century drew to a close, however, England was ready to start settling the New World.

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