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And for the third time I have stated. The relentless pursuit of profit is the main flaw in capitalism when it runs over humanity. Yet again, go back and read my posts before you write something.
And yes, I have a sense of humor. This is just my stick point. I get tired of people complaining, yet they do nothing to correct the problem(read most of America)
This is natural though. During the revolutionary war, only 30 percent agreeded with the war, and that started to wane as the war went on. Sound Familiar?

The Cold War America S Fault Term paper

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government to use propaganda to raise Cold War anxieties

A few months later, in December 1980, four American churchwomen were raped and murdered by military and paramilitary forces. U.S. President Jimmy Carter responded by temporarily cutting off aid to El Salvador. But U.S. policy took a dramatic shift with the election of President Ronald Reagan in 1980. Asserting a hemispheric-wide national security strategy, the Reagan administration considered the Salvadoran government–its atrocities notwithstanding–a friend in the Cold War. [4]

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Anyway, alot of these post are kind of funny. It amazes me how arrogant some people are (American and Canadian). I dont see what half of these post have to do with a 1934 plan of attack against Canada and Britain. As far as us attacking Canada…I dont see it happening. It seems that at one part (“The original War Plan Red was one of many “color plans” developed as academic exercises in a War Department with too little to do in the 1920s and 30s.”) the reading is trying to tell you that, well, the War Department had nothing better today so they woke up one day and decided they would draw up plans to invade Canada, just for fun.

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The Cold War: America's Fault

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ok, so why on earth would america invade canada, canada and america are the most best friend countries out there, plus canadas friends with everyone, its not like canada would ever let britain invade america through canada, now anyways , canada is like a half nuetrul countrie it helps out alies, if there was a world war 3 canada would help even if it was just america, i mean first of all canada has a army its not the biggest but which, i know because im canadian , there army increases each year , but you americans might notice if you wernt making fun of canada all the time, i meand im not trying to be prejuduce but, come on , you americans dont know crap about canada except for the fact that is cold in the winter. you guys have fun losing a war against iraq

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@ Josh , yes and when you become aware of the conditions in prison it’s easy to see why Tommy was not a murderer be he went to prison All of that is really besides the point People should NOT betortured, no matter what. Why does America have dungeons and torture people this is the 21st century not the dark ages, America used to mean pride to me but not after learning how the prison system is just to make money and is above the constitution. My prayers are for relief for Tommy no one on this Earth or in this country should suffer in such a way. Josh thank you but I do hope you look into the facts of a 19 yr old kid trying to survive prison, do u think hes the only person that ever was pushed to homicide once in, read Clarrissa’s post, these things “they” do to people do not rehabilitate they drive them insane. Just thank God you havent slipped up as Joshlyn said it could happen to any of us with a system that has no rules for the Humane treatment of people.

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Another thing. That whole America saved Canada from Hitler, I think the person was just trying to say that since the Canadians claimed a British victory and burnded down the white house then they should claim the British defeats to. Which comes to the reason the poster would say that the Americans saved Canada from Hitler. So I’m assuming the person who posted that thinks Americans are the reason Britain survived the war with Germany. That just what I think the person meant, but, I could be wrong.