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Centering Native women’s experiences and perspectives leads Smith to courageously and insightfully challenge common assumptions among progressives — be it non-critical stances with respect to current medical research practices and Western medical approaches to infectious diseases; the notion that a pro-choice movement advances the liberation of all women; the proposition that domestic and community violence against women is best addressed through law enforcement and the criminal legal system; the benign nature of what she calls “the non-profit industrial complex;” or the assumption that the continued existence of the United States as a nation-state is assured, desirable or inevitable.

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Accompanying each page are black and white photos of little girls, young women, and dignified grandmothers from all different tribes. Their intense gazes speak of experiences and wisdom gained by hard, but fulfilling lives. Their finely honed skills and deep spiritual devotion are proudly displayed in the regalia they wear decorated with the gifts from Creator and his many creatures. Pick up this book and you will spend hours trying to count the elk teeth and dentalium shells on their dresses.

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During the selection process, all 248 women responded to the Wyatt Sex History Questionnaire (WSHQ), a 478-item structured interview that assessed subjects' experiences and consequences of past and current sexual abuse.

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Similarities and differences in the historic and current experiences of Native and Black women, demonized and denied motherhood, are laid out in a way that clearly demonstrates the possibilities for solidarity in action.

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Thanks to Andrea Smith (Cherokee) and her book Conquest, I’ve been schooled to a whole new level about the history of continent I live on, and about the links between the struggles of Native women and my own. As with our understandings of the history and struggles of people of African, Asian and Latino descent in America, much of what we know of the history of peoples indigenous to this continent is informed by male perspectives and experiences of colonization and resistance.

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wrote the most systematic expression of a feminist position in this period in 1779 (but not published until 1790). Her essay, "," challenged the view that men had greater intellectual capacities than women. Instead she argued that whatever differences existed between the intelligence of men and women were the result of prejudice and discrimination that prevented women from sharing the full range of male privilege and experience. Murray championed the view that the "" demanded full equality between the sexes, but that male domination corrupted this principle.

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What of our Native sisters? Conquest provides a satisfying combination of historical information, analysis, reflections of resistance, and strategic challenges centered around the experiences of Native women, and with it lessons for all of us who struggle for liberation on this stolen land. Indeed, in the words of Lee Maracle “[e]very single adult human being on this continent needs to read this book. If we did, we all would find the strength to face our history and alter its course.”