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- American Federation of Labor research paper that delves into a brief history from the organization’s foundation through its merger with the Congress of Industrial Organizations.

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TheAmerican Revolution is not just another regular research topic,especially if the student is a United States citizen, and toprofessors of the United States who will be checking research papers,it is a very sensitive and sometimes a sentimental topic. Therefore,it must be very factual, and one should try their best to not takesides or put down their own opinions which might be biased in anysort or form. Lastly, for a clear understanding of the topic, itwould be helpful to visit historical libraries with actual books orspeak to history professors instead of relying solely on the internetfor facts.

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Like every other place, women have played a significant role in the great American Revolution, and hence it is a good topic to shed some light on. Research papers on the roles of women during the revolution and their struggles during the revolution could be something worth writing on.

- Warriors Don’t Cry Research Paper delves into an autobiography on the integration of African American students into white schools.

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Initially there was an agreement between the first thirteen states of America which actually formed the government. This was discussed in the articles of confederation which makes for a good research paper topic.

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When researching on the American revolution one cannot simply miss out on George Washington, one of the greatest presidents in the history of America, or General Howe and Henry Knox, American Revolution war hero.

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If one wants to sway away a bit from the American side and move on to the British Side of the revolution, The Hessians are a good topic to research on. They were German soldiers hired by Britain to fight against the United States, and therefore, play an adequate role in the revolution.

- Why America Should Rebuild New Orleans Research Paper discusses an order placed on Hurricane Katrina with specific format instructions.

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The Declaration of Independence, a document created solely to announce the freedom of the thirteen American colonies, is without a doubt one of the most important aspects of The American revolution which makes it not only a good but one of the best topics to research on.

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One could write a research paper discussing the Battle of Bunker Hill which took place in 1775, a battle that stands out in the American Revolution. This particular battle was the first and one of the most iconic of all battles in the revolution, which makes it a good topic to write on.

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Every big step requires an initiator, and for the American Revolution, it was the Founding Fathers without whom the revolution would not be possible, which makes them yet another great topic.