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This variation in outcomes with time in Canada is perhaps best observed using rates of business ownership—the share of taxfilers who are owners of private incorporated businesses.

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In the major immigrant-receiving Western countries, immigrants are seen as more entrepreneurial than the native-born population as they are more likely to be self-employed (Fairlie and Lofstrom 2013). This holds true in Canada (Hou and Wang 2011). Data from the Labour Force Survey indicate that in 2009, 17.5% of immigrants aged 18 to 69 were self-employed compared with 14.4% of the Canadian-born population. However, self-employment can mean many things, from owning and managing a large private incorporated company with many employees to pursuing an unincorporated activity a few hours a week after working at a full-time paid job. Until now, researchers have been unable to estimate the prevalence of immigrant-owned businesses and the number of jobs they create, mainly because of a lack of information on the immigration status of business owners. This problem has been solved in a new dataset created by Statistics Canada which is used to study these issues.

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There is a well-known assimilation effect regarding immigrant earnings, which sees earnings increase in the years after entry to Canada. There is a similar effect for business ownership and employment in immigrant-owned businesses, as immigrant business ownership and self-employment, as well as the number of associated jobs, increase with time in Canada. This could occur because immigrants acquire knowledge of business networks, sources of financing and business opportunities, and possibly because their wealth and assets increase over time. It may also be that some immigrants are ‘pushed’ into self-employment because of difficulties finding an appropriate paid job.

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The number of owners of private incorporated businesses rose steadily as the cohort aged, from about 1,700 in 2001 to about 8,000 in 2010 (Table 9). The proportion of immigrant taxfilers who were business owners also increased, from 1.2% in 2001 to 5.3% in 2010 (Table 14). By 2010, the share of immigrants from the 2000 cohort who were business owners was higher than that observed among the comparison group (mainly Canadian-born), at 4.8%. The tendency of immigrants to own private businesses surpasses that of the Canadian-born population after they have been in Canada for a decade.

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Another important methodological issue is related to the estimation of employment generated by unincorporated self-employed individuals. Since one of the main goals of the study is to estimate the total employment generated by all immigrant entrepreneurs, it is important to use a consistent measure of employment for estimates produced for incorporated and unincorporated businesses and business owners. Relatively few unincorporated self-employed immigrants have paid employees. For those who do, employment estimates based on average labour units covering paid employees can be obtained directly from the using s from the individuals’ 1 financial declaration records.

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