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He isn't an activist. He is a dad. A husband. A human being. All people from all walks of life will have to come to terms with the reality of what is unfolding, one way or the other. People like Dane make this so much easier to digest. Because our "government" doesn't care about us. They don't have a heart, or a soul, because they could never do this to us otherwise, and they could never let us live in terror below poisoned skies if they cared about life.

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Thus their power is rooted in authority, an attribute of social organizations, not of individuals.
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We have a lot of breathing problems these days. The air seems like it lacks oxygen. Some days are okay. others are not. our animals are feeling the effects as well. Licking their feet all the time. dogs sweat through their pads. That is where they are focusing their efforts. We do what we can for them.

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Encouraging the hypnotized masses to question authority and this so called reality that has been created for us over centuries by the ruling class elite that are killing us and our planet is the first step… I hope it will sink in to them before it is too late..

All other institutions have diminished in scope and power and been either pushed to the side of modern history, or made subordinate to the big three.
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Spent a couple days on the beach looking over the Straight of Georgia on west coast of Canada watching a continuous display of chemtrails. Got to chatting with a slightly older retired guy about the obvious assault on our atmosphere and air we breath going on over our heads. Sadly he glanced up and said…" So long as it is drifting east who cares…?" I then told him to take a look behind and above and added there is a heluva lot more of this crap going on over the Pacific and drifting on to us…

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I was watching the weather channel in my hotel room after a conference in New York last March 2014, and there instead of a regular, real weather map behind the "weather lady" were 2 chemtrails flying across the screen behind her!!! At the time, there were just tons of chemtrails all over NYC and Long Island, everywhere I went, everyday!! I have never had tv in my home as an adult (55 now), and was curious as to how they were going to present the "news" which I call the "olds"…same old crap over and over…Totally shocked at how blatant the "weather coverage" was, and seemingly nobody reacting?!!

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The most recent significant restatement of this plan for world conquest was made by Zbigniew Brzezinski, who asserted that world domination would require the conquest of the center of the Eurasian landmass. They also believed that if they did not seize the Eurasian interior, whoever was in possession of it would have the global strategic edge, and would thus likely ultimately go on to conquer the world.

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The Geostrategic situation is pretty much the same today as it was both before and after the two world wars that the British instigated, and all the evidence indicates that the British strategic plan for conquering the world remains exactly the same today as it was prior to World War One. The British and their puppet ally America have established military bases deep in the heart of Eurasia in the Islamic states that were formerly part of the old Soviet Union. They have invaded Afghanistan and are preparing to invade Iraq.

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He just didn't't seem to get it… I'm sure he was thinking I was just some conspiracy nut… that is until later that night when he, his wife and some friends while sitting just down the beach from me, enjoying the "unusual" sunset… noticed the perfect rows of a variety of silvery streaks forming and growing across the heavens.